Antares Open House 2.0, in cooperation with MAGYOSZ


Masterprint will hold a 3-day Open House for professionals, organised in conjunction with its partner Antares Vision, on 7-8-9 June 2017, about pharmaceutical serialization.


The new EU legislation soon entering into force will apply to several tens of thousands of boxes of mostly prescription only medicinal products, on an annual and overall European level, and the objective of the new legislation will be to ensure that the origin and authenticity of medicinal products is verifiable. In line with the new EU FMD legislation entering into force on 9 February 2019, each box of medicinal product will need to be equipped with a unique identification number, via which the product will be fully trackable and verifiable.


The objectives of Antares Vision and Masterprint Jelöléstechnika Kft. is to offer tailor made solutions for manufacturers, enabling them to implement the necessary changes in their hardware and software systems. Antares Vision is one of the largest global companies engaged in the market of pharmaceutical industry control and product tracking systems.


Antares Vision and its partner, Masterprint Jelöléstechnika Kft. will hold a 3-day Open House for professionals on 7-8-9 June 2017, about the changes to be implemented, due to the new decree entering into force, as well as about the related challenges, presenting the specific solutions they offer. The program will be organised in conjunction with MAGYOSZ. To ensure that a large audience receives the information, the program will be unchanged, i.e. it will be the same on each day of the 3-day series, to give more chance for the interested professionals and our business partners to participate in the program on one of the 3 days offered.


It is a great pleasure to announce that dr. Eszter Bíró, EU and international referent (EMMI EUNEF) will attend the event and deliver a lecture, advising our audience about the correct interpretation of the relevant EU decree, with regards to the security items mandatory to be placed on the medicinal products, as well as dr. Zsuzsanna Illés, director of the Hungarian Association of Generic Medicinal Product Manufacturers and Distributors will also deliver a lecture titled EU HUB and HUNVO. Another lecturer we invited is Gergely Vass, Head of the Manufacturing Division and Logistics at European Pharma Hub Kft., who will cover the topic of subcontracted serialization, and finally, the professionals of Antares Vision and Masterprint Jelöléstechnika Kft. will provide an introduction to the software environment of levels L4, and L1-L2-L3.


In addition to the professional lectures delivered, our guests will have the chance to learn about our machine pool. We plan to introduce how the following serialization stations operate: Antares-Masterprint Hybrid Print&Check Tamper Evident, Antares Print&Check Evo, Antares Print&Check All in One, and the Antares Aggregation Module.


Our planned event will hopefully prove to be useful for all attendants, providing an opportunity for the various industry players – including official authorities, the referent delegated by the ministry, the pharmaceutical industry association, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers – to exchange ideas, and to educate themselves about this complex and urgent upcoming task.


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