Ishida X-Ray (IX) x-ray machine family for the food industry: it does not escape notice of the smallest details


Ishida Europe has introduced a new x-ray product family which is capable of filtering out any foreign bodies from the inspected food in conformity with the strictest rules. Whether it is metal, plastic or any other dirt, nothing remains hidden from the new machines of Ishida. In addition to the compliance with the strict rules, they placed a particular emphasis on the user-friendly design and safe operation.


The new IX series of the Ishida x-ray machines sets the bar high with its performance and user-friendly design, while it complies with the rules of all countries in the world. The fault tolerance capability was extremely important so in the event of a power failure or faulty part there is no need to recall the product for high cost.


During the design of the new family the aim was to build machines which can extensively be used and meet all customer needs. To this effect, the most recent innovations of imaging technology were needed which enabled these machines to detect all possible contaminants more accurately and reliably than before.


In addition to the contaminants – such as bore-chips, pieces of glass or even small pebbles –, the system is capable of detecting missing, broken or damaged products, thus these unpleasant errors can be repaired during production and packaging ensuring maximum returns. As these faulty products will never be introduced to the consumers, the brand’s reputation does not suffer damage either, thus the company can gain additional advantages compared to its competitors.


The product family comprises three main types. IX-EN series is an affordable, accurate product which introduces the machine’s benefits and reliably performs its task. It can check among others breads, dried fruits and sliced cheeses excellently. IX-GN series provides an exceptionally accurate and thorough inspection. It can even detect 0.3-mm steel shavings, but the detection of glass, rubber or pebbles is not a problem either even at high speeds. Last but not least IX-G2 series includes the family’s most detailed products which meet all special customer needs. It can inspect such products effectively as poultry, vegetables and cereals which caused serious difficulties before.


In Hungary, Ishida is active in a wide range of areas, they have references primarily in the milk, snack and meat industry. We often use their products when we work out solutions in the field of marking technology as we did in our previously presented project, in one of the biggest cheese factories of Hungary. Ishida products are exclusively distributed by our sister company, Masterquality which was established in 2011 with the aim to satisfy the needs of our customers even wider in a highly professional manner supplementing our portfolio.

Masterprint marking technology in one of the biggest cheese factories of Hungary