Leibinger JET2neoD: The printer that is not allergic to dust!


Leibinger has placed a new inkjet printer in the JET2neo series: JET2neoD has been developed specially for marking in environments rich in dust and other tiny particles. This device hiding new and innovative solutions can cope with these severe conditions and ensures excellent marking quality.


The Leibinger JET2neo family has got a new member: due to its new special design JET2neoD that has already proved on the market, is now capable of being used in dustier manufacturing environments. Protection against dust rated IP54 is a perfect solution for those who have already used a JET2neo printer. However, because of the more difficult environment rich in dust and other particles, dust began to accumulate around the electronics, and these impurities prevent long-term and continuous operation.


Compared to the earlier elements of the series, the engineers of the company changed three main aspects of the product to keep it reliable even under the following, more severe conditions:

  • - The closed back panel prevents dust and other impurities to get into the printer
  • - The active ventilation system guarantees continuous cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dust around electronic components
  • - A special cleaning mechanism has been incorporated into the marking head: a small ventilation device creates a little air pressure difference in the print head, which guarantees that the head remains uncontaminated even if the marking surface is covered by dust (especially over the print head).


These developments are all intended to ensure that the device can carry out reliable marking of superior quality in the long run even in environments which could quickly damage the printers earlier.


In addition, the system constantly monitors the air supply of the ventilation systems, as a result the security measures protecting the apparatus from getting damaged – such as shutdown – can be automatically activated if problems emerge.


Besides the 70 µm print head, the device can be combined with JET2neoS, which comes with a 60 µm head. Using this solution, the printing of up to 2,666 characters/sec is possible!


In addition to the above, the usual advantages still come with the JET2neo family, therefore we can expect reliable results of excellent quality in the case of both fixed and variable marking tasks.

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