Masterprint is celebrating 10 years!


The story of our company, the Masterprint Group, started 10 years ago – and today, owing to several years of uninterrupted development and growth we can say that we become one of the relevant operators of the Hungarian marking technology market. We thank all our partners, clients and colleagues for the last ten years, as we could achieve this outstanding result only together with them!


On the occasion of the anniversary we sat down and recalled the history of the company. Then, in 2007, we founded the first member of the company group, Masterprint, having more than a decade of marking technology experience under our belt. With this, we became the first Hungarian company in this industry, which has 100% Hungarian ownership, and where the founders are experts of the field without exception.


We decided to become independent because we felt that we could use our experience gained to serve our client the most efficiently this way. Right from the start, the top priority was to be able to keep up with both the needs and the trends in this industry which changes every day.


However, technological background would have no use without our outstanding and well-qualified experts. We learned and improved together over the numerous years, and without their persistence and trust, these ten years that we are looking back at now would not have been this prosperous.


Owing to this development, we were able to become one of the leading operators of the Hungarian marking technology market in respect of design, manufacturing, distribution, operation and servicing as we. However, this was only the first step: today, we are engaged not only in the sale of products developed by other manufacturers but we have an ever increasing presence in the market with our own product lines and developments.


The market no longer means just Hungary to us. As in the meantime the needs had changed, and reacting thereto we expanded our company group. With Masterprint Digital, we help the work of our partners with system integration and project management expressly specialised in digital printing, and became the exclusive representatives of the serialisation solutions branch of Antares Vision Track and Trace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We founded Masterquality in 2011, the main profile of the company is the distribution, maintenance and servicing of combination scales (Ishida), food industry cutting machines (Urschel), machines specialized in end of line secondary packaging (Cama), as well as industrial dishwashers (Jeros). In addition to the above, we also design and construct complete packaging, processing, material and finished product forwarding and moving systems as well.


As we grew, the establishment of a larger and more modern centre which takes into account the needs of Masterprint expressly became increasingly necessary. This is the reason why we started to build our Iváncsa centre in 2013, which was completed in 2014, and has been serving our co-workers and partners ever since while using the latest technologies on nearly 1,200 m2.


One of our primary objectives is to have our sales to foreign partners represent a greater proportion of our overall salesWe put great emphasis on the further development of our pharmaceutical product line and our systems developed for individual needs.


We set numerous additional objectives related to the 10th anniversary. However, in order to be able to achieve these goals as well, it is essential that we continue to ensure those high-quality solutions in using marking technology systems to our prospective and existing partners, with the help of which our partners may gain immediate competitive advantage in the market segment concerned. For your success is our success, too!
Thank you for contributing to the dynamic development of Masterprint! We hope that you will continue to trust us during the next ten years and we can develop together even further!