Masterprint round bottle labeler station


Recently, we introduced several major projects, however, besides these we continuously work on smaller projects and assignments. These projects – though are less complex technically – require the same special attention as for highest professional requirements only fast, accurate and precise solutions are acceptable.


In one of our last projects we built a round pellet bottle labeler station, where the biggest challenge was to solve the round labeling for different size bottles. For this we designed the Novexx ALS 104 labeler station that includes two separate belts. Of these one conveys the other spins the bottles.



The machine is 200cm long and 85cm wide with adjustable speed. Maximum speed is 30km/s that enables the labeling of approximately 1500 bottles per hour. The labeler is able to handle PP, PE and paper based labels with a maximum size of 110mm tall and 600mm long.



In case there is a need for higher performance, our station Novexx ALS 104 can be replaced by a Novexx ALS 256 type labeler, which maximum speed is 50m/minute and able to handle 160mm tall labels.


With our solutions, we strive for maximum quality and preciseness in every project, whether they are simple or complex tasks as we know that our project has a special importance regarding our client’s business success.