Our Spring – Summer events


In the coming months, we will participate in multiple marking technology events, or organize such for our partners. We may meet at the Interpack held between 4th and 10th May, at the MACH-TECH and Industry Days 2017 expo, and given its great success, we will organize our professional open house “Antares Open House 2.0” as well.


In course of our work we consider our attendance at different marking technology exhibitions and conferences important, as these not only provide excellent opportunity to meet our partners in person but also guarantees that we are able to keep up with the latest developments of the industry constantly.


In the coming months, we will participate in multiple events, first of which is Interpack fair held between 4th and 10th May in Düsseldorf. The event is one of the key packaging technology fairs of the world, where the brands that we also carry will be on display as well. At the event, you have the opportunity to see the latest developments of the manufacturers, among others the pharmaceutical serialisation and aggregation modules as well at the Antares stand.


The MACH-TECH and Industry Days expo will be organized almost simultaneously with the Interpack, between 9th and 12th May, at Hungexpo, which we will attend as exhibitors, so we can hear about the important marking technology challenges personally from our partners and so we can start working on the solutions together!


In addition, at the end of Spring, given its previous great success, we will organize our Antares Open House professional open house related to pharmaceutical serialisation again, the organization of which is currently in progress, and we will provide you further information on the details of the event as it draws nearer. Since last July Antares Vision and the Masterprint Group have been allies in the territory of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the purpose of which strategic agreement is to allow us to provide professional, complete support to our partners in the challenges posed by pharmaceutical marking technology.


We hope we can meet as many of our partners as possible at any of these events, and that we can help them in finding a solution for their marking technology challenges!