printer and labeller Masterprint bag feeder,
printer and labeller Masterprint bag feeder,

Precize, fast and can handle large volumes

Customized line for marking bags


Thanks to our many years of design experience, we have developed and manufactured a unique, automatic bag feeder, that allows feeding of a wide range of industry specific bags. The capacity of the feeder hopper is maximum 150 bags, and the hopper can be refilled manually in production without stopping the line. Bag sizes: length from 380 mm up to 550 mm, width from 550 mm up to 900 mm. The maximum capacity of the feeder is 1500 bags per hour.


After the bags are fed to to the conveyig system, the first marker is the high-resolution printer: different combinations of Matthews VIAJet T100 and/or L50 print heads are availabe to fulfull your exact marking requirents and provide maximum flexibility. This type of equipment represents state of the art technology with its exceptional printing resolution. With appropriate settings, it is capable of printing up to 100 m/minute. The smallest printed character is 2 mm, the largest is 100 mm, and the maximum printing height is 100 mm. Maximum printing distance is 6 mm.

Optional configuration of labelling stations

1Heavy duty labelers

The pre-printed design and booklet labels are applied on the bags by the Novexx ALS 206 type industrial labeller using an easy-to-replace reel. It is capable of applying from 5 up to 600 mm long labels at 30 meters per minute conveyor speed.

2Printer and labeller

For printing and applying the pre-printed labels of strict accountability, we built in the Novexx ALX 735 high-performance printer and application system that delivers superior printing quality with intelligent variable data management.

3Design label applicator

Equipped with an additional label applicator, the Novexx ALS 206 labeller applies the design labels on the bag using a blow on applicator, rotated 90 degrees relative to travel direction. A total of 5 labelling stations can be installed in a configuration according to the user requirements.

Bag sorting unit

The final step in the process. As it is important that the operator can remove the printed and labelled bags in a sorted manner, we have developed a bag sorting unit equipped with a sensor that can be adjusted to bag size.


  • User interface:
    15” touchscreen monitor
    Windows 10 operating system
    MasterPrint LineMaster control software (HMI)

  • Maximum label width:
    max. 150 mm

  • Compressed air:
    6 bar
    1800 litres/hour

  • Output:
    1500 pcs / hour

  • Network connection:
    Gigabit Ethernet

  • Frame:
    Powder-coated steel frame

  • Feeder:
    automatic, continuous filling
    Label width at printer and labeller:
    max. 125 mm

  • Electrical cabinet:
    PLC, safety loop, power supply units,
    communication modules

  • Hi-Res print head options:
    2 x 100 mm with T100 heads
    1×50 mm, 2×50 mm, 1×100 mm, and
    2×100 mm with L50 heads

  • Power supply:
    3.5 kW

  • Nominal voltage:
    3x16A 400VAC (3F+N+PE)

  • Machine weight:
    2.300 kg

Agrochemical traceability

1L2 – Line Control Software

Controls the printing and verification of unique identifiers

  • User friendly

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Fast product changing

  • Easy configuration for devices

2L3 – Manufacturing Site’s Central Controller

Central control of production line, generation of unique identifiers, storage of master data, audit trail

  • Serial generator

  • Reporting function

  • Production planning and tracking

  • User management