Happy Holidays from Masterprint!


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Cross-country running, walking in brilliant weather and a lot of smiling people – this was Cross Tihany this year


The Masterprint Tihany Cross Country Running and the Nordic Walking Contest were an unparalleled experience in all respects, and hundreds of people chose them as their Saturday programme also this year.

A new logo and a more modern look at Masterprint


We are pleased to introduce the new Masterprint logo, which is an updated, more modern version of our old logo.

Quality, originality, safety – Masterprint Kft. closes a busy year

2020 started just like any other year – with a very exciting exhibition. At the Sirha Budapest food and gastronomy trade fair, the main role for us was unique product identification. Because guaranteeing quality is particularly important in case of foodstuff. The originality of a particular bottle of champagne, for example, can best be guaranteed [...]

We have added a new member to our family of pharmaceutical serialisation modules


PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident AERO perfectly integrates the steps of strict EU regulations into existing production processes.

We are pleased to introduce Masterprint Kft.’s recently launched virtual exhibition!


For years, we have been planning to showcase our equipment that we are most proud of as part of an unusual virtual tour. Thanks to the technical possibilities, such a tour can now be almost as much an experience and can provide the same amount of information as if someone were actually visiting us at our center in Iváncsa, taking part in one of our professional open days.

Post-placement of information at the bottom and top of the product – freedom in labelling


Placing various information on the product after packaging, with automated top and bottom labelling, allowing labelling to follow the pace of production.

Automatic, quick and error-free sorting of collecting trays


The code reader-based system decides where to place the trays containing different eyeglass lenses.

When labels are replaced by markings – a more economical and convenient solution for cartons arises


Automatic and high-quality marking of cartons for one-fifth the cost of labels — we have delivered the most economical solution to one of the large domestic production plants.

We strive for safety – with continuous supply, observing protective measures


In the current emergency situation, we feel that the value of predictability is even higher than it used to be in the past. Due to the corona pandemic, the demand for reliable equipment and services has increased even more for many enterprises and businesses.