Large character industrial coder that fits perfectly into the manufacturing process delivered with the well-known Matthews quality.


Coding on polystyrene bales: cost-efficient, good quality solution, the used ink does not damage the bale surface and the existing drive system does not need significant modification. Masterprint Kft. was given this task by one of the most intensively developing domestic (but with foreign roots) companies manufacturing and distributing construction products.


They use the best quality raw materials in their production process, and continuously improve their production technology in order to ensure the highest quality. As a result, we have already installed an automatic coding system for this company, namely a Novexx 924 coder and a Lato applicator as well. The special feature of the system is a read-back camera, which checks the data coded on the printed out and applied label. This allows the use of an online database for production.


Marking of variable data in a simple way


In addition to the bale coding requirements—i.e. a long-lasting, aesthetic marking image—the equipment must also be able to mark variable data, which was not possible with the previously used automatic paint roller marking technology.

Our specialists, after thoroughly examining the needs and opportunities, found the Matthews VIAjet V-series large character inkjet coder with a 16-valve print head to be the most suitable equipment for this task.


Premium coder – first-class marking


There were several reasons to use the Matthews premium-category large character inkjet coder: it made possible to place on the bales markings in several colors, and another important argument was that it allowed a quick swap among different colors. The water-based ink was not suitable because it did not adhere to the surface, while the MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) based ink eroded the material. Therefore, we recommended the SCP 620 alcohol ink, which is perfect for this task, and as an extra, it is available in several colors.

An important part of the task was, of course, to integrate Matthews print-heads with minimal alteration of the actuator system of the existing paint roller marker, and the selected polystyrene bale marker perfectly fulfilled this requirement as well.

Depending on the settings and font size, the cost of the caption shown in the photos is approximately from HUF1.3 to HUF1.5.