Another international success: Masterprint and Omron are going to enter into an alliance


Omron, which deals with industrial automation, is a key supplier of Masterprint. We have tightened our cooperation recently with the European Headquarters of Omron. This could mean a huge step and great opportunities both for Omron and Masterprint in the field of pharmaceutical marking technology.


Our systems, including the internationally increasingly known and recognized PharmaJet Series, use the solutions of Omron in many places. This international company is characterized by excellent quality and wide range of products, and, which is extremely important, they offer a quite unique product support on the market; they are serious partners.


As a result of changes to the EU legislation which came into force recently, perfect marking is vitally important for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors which comply with the new directives. Common action in this issue assists preparation for the partners of both companies for the operation according to the new legislation.


The Omron Headquarters is in Kyoto, and the company is one of the global market leaders of automation. It was founded in 1933 and is present in 35 countries today with around 37,000 employees. You can find out more about Omron under the links provided at the end of our article.


Masterprint has been in an official relationship with Omron Hungary since 2010.


“Our goal is to create a closer link with partners who are able to provide our common clients with optimal solutions in both short and long-term” said Gunnar Bischoff, the Strategic Marketing Director of Omron Europe. “We have gained Masterprint as a strong and competent partner with well-established operation in our network dealing with solutions for serialization.”