Antares Open House 2.0 – or all you need to know about pharmaceutical serialization


The most comprehensive solution offered in pharmaceutical serialization” – would be a great slogan to our recently held Antares Open House 2.0 event. Our 3-day professional series was designed to serve as a platform to provide information about the new legislative changes entering into force in about 18 months’ time, and to offer constructive solutions to industry players about how to comply with the new requirements.


As the deadline is soon approaching, we decided that the best solution would be to organise a professional event, creating a platform for all attendants to address specific questions, and to get specific answers from our qualified team of professional advisors. The event was held on 7, 8 & 9 June 2017, on Iváncsa, in our Masterprint headquarters.


We invited dr. Eszter Bíró, an EU and international specialist, and dr. Zsuzsanna Illés, director of the Hungarian Generic Pharmaceutical Producers and Distributors Association, to describe the new EU FMD legislation entering into force on 9 February 2019, and to clarify how to correctly interpret the new EU rules applicable to security items to be placed on pharmaceutical products. Once the new legislation is in place, all product packaging will need to be affixed with a unique identification number, enabling the products to be tracked and identified. As discussed on the summit, the deadline is firm, i.e. all industry players will need to comply with the new requirements, by early 2019.


Gergely Vass delivered a lecture about subcontracted serialization, while Cristiana Molinari and Daniele Rossi, on behalf of Antares Vision, and Péter Miklós, on behalf of Masterprint, provided an introduction to possible serialization solutions, to our audience.


To ensure that all pharmaceutical producers are able to integrate the steps required by the strict new EU rules into their on-going manufacturing processes, major improvements will be required in the manufacturers’ IT, technical, and organisational areas. Masterprint and Antares Vision, jointly offers systems and machinery, enabling producers to carry out the serialization of pharmaceutical products in the most automated fashion. At our event, we had the chance to introduce our Antares-Masterprint Hybrid P&C TE serialization module in action, to our visitors, developed in conjunction with Antares Vision.


Please find below some photos taken at the event:

Our short video summary also provides a good glimpse into the event:



A large number of specific questions were raised by our attendants, and exciting conversations developed between the various legal experts, pharmaceutical experts, and the representatives of Antares Vision and Masterprint. Both the lecturers and the visitors, arriving from a diverse background, had the chance to mutually learn from each other. All participants gained a lot of new insights during the 3-day event, including the organisers, as every single question asked on the event will help industry players to gain a better understanding about this complex task be performed. Our advisors worked hard to make sure that the meeting was useful and informative, but also enjoyable, for all participants of the Antares Open House 2.0 event.


An extra feature of our event was that the 3-day open house was organised in conjunction with MAGYOSZ. We would like to say thank you for all the help they provided. We would also like to express our gratitude towards Antares Vision, for their high level of professional advisory services delivered (as usual), and towards all of our visitors, who took the time to attend, and enjoyed our series of lectures. And special thanks to our lecturers, given that they made the program useful for all participants, thanks to their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific area.