Antares Vision Open House 3.0 – another step taken towards serialisation


The Antares Vision Open House 3.0 hosted by our Company awaited visitors with a series of lectures, covering all aspects of the topic of pharmaceutical serialisation.


It is less than one year to go now till the new EU FMD will come into force, creating some major challenges for all medicinal product supply chain participants. The main goal of the EU Directive, mostly applicable to prescription only medication is to reduce the presence of counterfeit products on the market, and any abuse committed with medicinal products. All medicinal products will be required to be allocated with a unique ID mark, which will make the products fully trackable, not only within the respective member states, but within the EU overall.


To make a smooth transition to the new EU system, Masterprint has developed its own serialisation work station. The visitors invited to our Antares Vision Open House 3.0 program had the chance to get some insights into the machine we offer, and the software side solutions.


On behalf of Antares Vision, which is our strategic partner, Mr. Daniele Rossi, IT Project Manage delivered a lecture titled “Introducing a full scale software solution to level L4”. The ATS Four system is a software ecosystem developed by Antares Vision to manage the serialisation data flows. In addition, it links the manufacturing plants, the CMOs, the logistics service providers, and the official authorities – and able to do so via a new data storing concept.


Mr. Péter Miklós, Project Manager of Masterprint Kft.’s serialisation business line, has delivered a lecture about what processes the CMOs will need to implement, in order to be able to do serialisation, and how they can connect to L4.


At our Open House program we put a verification machine manufactured by Antatres Vision S.r.l. on display to our visitors, which machine not only controls the sealing of caps, but also the printing and positioning of labels, as well as the filling of bottles. We have also displayed a universal, automated corner labeling machine, developed for the purposes of aggregation.


The visitors to the event, representing 21 different companies, had the chance to ask questions and seek advice from our senior development engineers, and as the event was held at our headquarters located in Iváncsa, the visitors also had the chance to have a look at our serialisation work stations currently being built. The very informative, but also very enjoyable event was recorded in some photos taken, which are attached below.

Antares Vision Open House 3.0 - pharmaceutical serialisation in the spotlight