Antares Vision Open House 3.0 - pharmaceutical serialisation in the spotlight


The challenges presented by the mandatory transition into the new system – Masterprint will present its proposed solutions at the Antares Open House 3.0 event, to be held in early March.


Masterprint has organised a professional Open House event, jointly with its strategic partner, Antares Vision S.r.l., about pharmaceutical serialisation, again, the third time in a series this year.


The objective of the last two events and the event this year is to provide useful information to marketing authorisation holders, as well as to pharmaceutical companies and distributors, about the detailed new EU legislation soon entering into force, as well as to present our solutions.


The new EU FMD, which is meant to ensure the authenticity and intact packaging of medicinal products, will enter into force in about a year, and will impact all participants of the pharmaceutical sector. We decided to organise our event again, as the deadline is soon approaching.
In order to integrate the strict new EU legislation into their currently run production processes, pharmaceutical companies and other industry players will need to implement major IT, technical, and organisational improvements.


Theory and practice


The solutions proposed by us, and our lectures will cover all requirements imposed on the trackability of medicinal products – with regards to both the hardware and software aspects.


The lecturer invited from Antares Vision, Daniele Rossi (IT Project Manager) will talk about level L4.


The Masterprint lecturer will provide information about the processes required to be implemented by the CMOs to be able to perform serialisation, and to link to level L4. Our lecturer will be Péter Miklós, Masterprint engineer, who is in charge of our serialisation business.


Given that the event is held at the Masterprint headquarters in Iváncsa, the attendants will have the chance to meet and consult our senior engineers, being in charge of our development activities, and can also have a look at the serialisation work stations we are currently building.


The Open House event will include a series of free discussions and professional lectures delivered, with coffee breaks, and a standing buffet offered at lunch time.


The Open House event will take place on 1-2 March 2018. Similar to the last two years, we will have the same program on both days of the event. This will enable all attendants to select the day, which best suits their schedule.


Should you be interested to attend our Antares Open House 3.0 program, please confirm your willingness to attend upon your earliest convenience, as the places are limited, by registering at the following link:
we are after the event – this link takes you to our opening page


We look forward to seeing you on the event, to provide you with some help on how to navigate in this complex, multiple player process – so that your Company is fully prepared to make the transition on time, and in a safe and non-disruptive manner.