Hitachi has just debuted its innovative twin nozzle technology – and doubled the speed of label printing


How can you print 8-line labels super fast? The new, innovative Hitachi technology offers just that.


The new technology just introduced by Hitachi has managed to address a real demand, providing a long-awaited solution to a real problem. The ever increasing requirements imposed on product tracking systems are giving a headache to packaging technology experts day-by-day. More and more information must go onto the product packaging, regardless of the specific industry, whether it is food or cabling production. Shelf life, serial numbers, fishing zones, etc., plenty of information to be printed on the product labeling nowadays. However, up to this date, traditional printers struggled to cope with the ever growing requirements, i.e. the printing of proper labels occasionally put a halt on production and created efficiency problems during the production process.


The new Hitachi UX Twin Nozzle, exactly as its name suggests, utilises a twin nozzle printing technology. The innovation essentially lies in the fact that the printer heads are equipped with double nozzles, run from a shared toner system, and being able to print double lines onto the surfaces.


Nonetheless, high quality printing outcome remained top priority for Hitachi. The engineering precision outcome is enabled by the fact that the twin nozzles spray a mega amount of pixels onto the work surfaces.


Check out the new Twin Nozzle printer in action – have a look at the photos in our gallery, to see this exciting new machine in operation:

Another unique feature offered by the new technology is that characters can now be merged during printing. As the two nozzles run side-by-side while printing, they are able to print much larger and bolder texts jointly, which was not the case before. The purpose of this would be to highlight certain parts of the text, to make it clearly legible from larger distances.


Another benefit offered by the new machine is the flexibility it provides: the 64 pixel printing technology is not only capable of printing letters and numbers, instead, now various logos, bar codes, decorative items, and even QR or Datamatrix codes can be printed on the labels, just to show how precise the Twin Nozzle exactly is. Font size can easily be adjusted via the touch screen operation panel.


Another extra feature is that the toner cartridge can be replaced without stopping production.


The developers at Hitachi tried to make the new product suitable for a wide range of industries, the printer can be used in both moist or dusty environments safely.