Intelligent printing – SATO held its European partnership meeting in Budapest


Technology, sales, team – the presentations covered all important areas in the life of a worldwide company. The Japan-based SATO held its European partnership meeting in the Hungarian capital city.


The presentations of this cheerful, yet extremely informative event were focused on trends and communication. SATO, a leading company in marking technology, invited its major European partners to the meeting, and MasterPrint Ltd. was the only Hungarian firm to attend the event. The future is full of unpredictable things, said one of the presenters. In the constantly changing world of marking technology a company can preserve its competitive edge if it shapes the demands, perceives the new ones in due course and can satisfy them in a professional manner. In addition to the future technologies, market trends and SATO’s product innovations, special emphasis was also laid on how worldwide companies can adapt themselves to the needs of the young – Y and especially what is called Z – generations. How they, as consumers, can access the products and services that are designed and produced by a worldwide company like SATO. Those belonging to this age group represent a huge part of today’s active employees and thus the consumer basis, this is why it is important that the trends in marking technology are also shaped in consideration of their needs. The presenters pointed out that the space and the speed of communication has changed, the business culture has become different, and these transformations must be followed by all enterprises if they want to stay in the top flight.


Finally, take a look at some pictures about the event!