Masterprint Kft. completes an exciting and truly eventful year


One of our most significant events has probably been the anniversary of this year: it was our 10th birthday. We have created a summary for this occasion, and we have been satisfied to conclude that the development of our business is uninterrupted. Growth is not only market by the increased number of our colleagues, but also by the offers given to Masterprint by the representatives of many industries – whether food industry or even pharmaceuticals production. Our growth is also symbolized by our new headquarters – we could start to use our modern 1200 m² site at Iváncsa in 2014. As a company with completely Hungarian ownership, we were able to become one of the leading players of marking technology market. This market no longer means only Hungary for us: we are making efforts to mark our presence in more and more foreign countries, and to benefit from the experience of decades of our colleagues.

This year has been the year of innovation.


During this year, the brands represented by us have introduced developments making the work of many businesses engaged in packaging, labelling or printing more easily in the future. Just think of the innovation of Hitachi, the twin nozzle printer – a printer producing labels in more than one rows or printing emblems with larger size due to the two nozzles; or the devices of Leibinger printing extremely rapidly or in extra small size.


There are industries without enough space to be provided for traditional industrial printers – in such cases, the printer itself needs to have a small size. New EOS printers by CAB are satisfying such demands. They also created a mobile etiquette printer – for cases where electricity is not provided, or where it is easier to transport the printer to the product than the other way round. There is a very long list of the functionalities of the devices placed on the market by us, they help us to cover a way much wider range of marking technology solutions.

Just like the multinational companies mentioned above, we also provide solutions for real needs. Our partners usually choose us because they cannot find an existing procedure which is able to satisfy all of their demands. Different sizes, shapes, surfaces – we provide customized solutions for these. We intend to make sure that your manufacturing processes are not slowed down or obstructed by packaging and labelling tasks.


For example, the labelling robotic cell developed by the engineers of Masterprint has not only checked the completed labelling, but also the quality of the product leaving the machine.


Printing on concave surfaces in a way that provides a perfectly legible text – our colleagues have also completed this task. However, the machine needed to check the legibility of the text even in the last phase, and to select the produced flacons accordingly.


We have also developed a production line with the ability to dose, text, label and group sacs.
For one of the largest cheese manufacturers of Hungary, we have produced a complex system measuring and labelling automatically, which is even able to record every data precisely and organized into a database.

For the first time, we have participated at the professional exhibition Mach-Tech and Industry Days, where we have presented our activities on a stand of 30 square meters to the players of different industries. We have presented the machines marketed by us and our marking technology systems developed by us together with our co-exhibitor Sato Europe GmbH.

One of the most important events of 2017 has been Antares Open House 2.0, hosted with the cooperation of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (MAGYOSZ). The professional occasion of three days was held in our headquarters at Iváncsa, where we have introduced our serialization and monitoring solutions for the players of pharmaceutical industry.


The parties concerned by the subject were able to obtain direct information on the new regulations to be introduced at the start of 2019, and also on the methods to comply with the new regulations seamlessly.


It will be required to indicate an individual identification mark on the packages of the 17 billion medicines affected by the regulation of the European Union, which will allow to monitor and identify precisely the certain products. Together with our Italian strategic partner Antares Vision, we have offered systems and machines for the participants with the ability to ensure the highest possible level of automation of the serialization of medicines.

We are planning to make an introduction at exhibition Sirha Budapest 2018 between 7 and 9 February 2018, together with our partner company, Master Quality.


We organize Antares Open House 3.0 at the end of February, once more about the serialization of pharmaceutical industry. We will provide further information of both events soon.

We would like to thank for the cooperation of our partners, suppliers and colleagues, and we wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!