Masterprint on the SIRHA Trade Show - food industry & labeling


Masterprint will be present at the SIRHA Budapest Trade Show again this year – Masterprint Kft., as one of the leading industry players in the field of labeling in Hungary will present its solutions and equipment at the specialised gastronomy trade show.


Product identification, the printing of labels, product screening – these are the major tasks for modern food processing. It is not enough to prepare the various food products, their packaging, identification, and control is also an important task. Therefore we expect a major interest shown for our solutions again, presented at the SIRHA Budapest Trade Show this year. Similar to how we participated 2 years ago, we will be presenting our activities in our 28 m2 boot, in conjunction with our sister company MasterQuality again.


The SIRHA Budapest Trade Show is a critical event for all professionals in the food and restaurant business. The trade show aims to provide a joint platform for all sectors within the food services and gastronomy industries to be represented, by inviting representatives from all across the sectors, including the food processing, bakery and confectionary, hotel, restaurant and gastronomy sectors, as well as the packaging industry, both locally and internationally. The trade show provides an opportunity for the various sector players to share their experiences, and to make deals.


Labeling systems, the printing of labels, product control, slicing machines, industrial X-ray machines – our group of companies offer a large number of solutions providing efficient help to the various food industry players. We will present some of our labeling devices on site: visitors will be able to witness how the Leibinger and Hitachi inkjet printers print super tiny characters. We will also feature the Matthews L1 small character inkjet printer, and T100 type high resolution printer. In addition, we will feature the very practical Novexx XLP504 desktop label printer, and visitors will be able to see the specialist equipment manufactured by our Italian strategic partner, Antares Vision, in action, while it is checking the right level filled into the bottles, the caps being properly sealed, as well as the printing and positioning of the labels.


Our sister company, MasterQuality, is primarily engaged in the distribution of meat processing industry machines, industrial dishwashers (for the washing up of bins, kitchen tools, barrels), industrial cutting, chopping and slicing machines (for meat, vegetables, fruit, and cheese products), X-ray machines (to show rubber, glass, or steel in the packaging material), as well as cheese cutting devices.


The SIRHA Budapest Trade Show, held third time this year, will feature almost 400 exhibitors, and will offer a wide range of programs, lectures and presentations to the visitors. The Bocuse d’Or Championship, which is the most highly ranked international chef competition, will hold its Hungarian final at the event, with the best chefs of Hungary competing against each other, and the trade show will also feature a championship for confectionary makers, as well for public school catering chefs, the first time this year, for the visitors’ enjoyment.


Our boot will be located in building “A”, at stand D61, in the “Food technologies, packaging and services” section, and the trade show will be held on 7-9 February.


We will be open all three days, please visit us
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Once you registered, you will receive a pdf document, which will serve as your entry ticket, equipped with the necessary bar code. Please bring the print out with you, which will enable you to enter the trade show, avoiding queues.