New national organisation established to fight counterfeiting of medicinal products


17 billion boxes of prescription medication a year – this is the estimated total number of products to be impacted by the new legislation, the IT framework of which is to be created by the now established HUMVO Magyarországi Gyógyszer-azonosítási Nonprofit Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság.


All pharmaceutical industry players will be represented in the recently founded HUMVO Magyarországi Gyógyszer-azonosítási Nonprofit Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság. As of February 2019, as for prescription only medicinal products, only products sold in a box marked with an individual identification number are authorised to be distributed in the EU, enabling the products to be properly registered under the comprehensive EU system. Such system will guarantee that every single medicinal product sold is properly trackable and individually identifiable, guaranteeing that only original products are sold on the market. The acquisition of the new machinery necessary for the purposes of serialization, and their link-up into the pharmaceutical companies’ already running manufacturing processes, as well as the development and maintenance of the necessary IT background will trigger significant costs at the level of the pharmaceutical industry players. Nonetheless, a successful and coordinated campaign against the counterfeiting of medicinal products and the related abuses, becoming more and more of a serious issue in Europe, is for the benefit of patients and manufacturers alike.


The founders of HUMVO are as follows: the Hungarian Representative Association of Generic Pharmaceutical Producers and Distributors, the Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Producers, the Chamber of Hungarian Pharmacists, the National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Producers, as well as the Association of the Producers and Distributors of Vaccines and Immune Biological Products. All founders have delegated one director into the Board of Directors of HUMVO. The Chairman of the Board of Directors will be dr. Antal Feller, the CEO of Hungaropharma Zrt.


As of February 2019, the IT system to be built and operated by HUMVO will link Hungary into the large scale EU system in place, registering 17 billion boxes of medicinal products, produced by 4,600 different pharmaceutical producers a year, linking all players of the supply chain, starting from the manufacturers, through the various distributors and trading companies, to the individual pharmacies together. Upon HUMVO’s establishment, the following statement was made: the safety of pharmaceutical products has historically been high in Hungary, due to the country’s traditions, and thanks to the closed supply chain system currently applied.


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