NOVEXX – Easy, economic and flexible cardboard label printing


The new Novexx printer prints tickets, cardboard labels and blisters onto different materials in different size and thickness – simply but surprisingly swiftly.


In everyday life, we are surrounded by different kinds of markings such as price tags, tickets, blisters and labels. These make it easier for us to identify all sort of products and marking the products is also an obligation of the manufacturer or producer. However, it is also inevitable that the printing of these markings is of superior quality. The effective printing of the data box of the pre-printed labels has become the integral part of industry standard.


The new printer of Novexx can print characters, barcodes and figures onto different surfaces in 300 dpi resolution. In order to make the loading of labels more scarce, up to 1000 labels can be put in the printer depending on the cardboard, even during operation. The XTP 804 can print on up to 60 labels per minute – this is 400 mm printed surface per second.


During the development, we laid emphasis on a long-lasting carbon ribbon, therefore even a 600 meter long ribbon can be placed into the printer. With the aid of the built-in ribbon-saving mechanism, the quantity of applied ribbon may be reduced. These features altogether increase the efficiency of the printer.


The printer is very user-friendly: it can simply be controlled via the intentionally big-sized screen by icons. Besides the actual speed, the user interface constantly displays when labels need to be loaded or the ribbon should be replaced. Moreover, due to the great connectivity, the apparatus can easily be integrated in the present IT infrastructure. The printer may be purchased either with pneumatic or electronic label forwarding, and barcode scanner may also be rendered.