Novexx XPU: Trouble-free pallet identification is a dream no more


A key issue in logistics is whether the palletized goods are appropriately labelled. Thanks to the new pallet labeller by Novexx that meets the requirements of standard GS1, pallets can be identified and tracked unambiguously and without fault – throughout the entire supply chain.


The Novexx XPU places all necessary information (delivery address, production lot number, weight, etc.) on the upright A5 format pallet label so that all barcodes are complete, and completely legible. The device yields excellent printing results, even in the somewhat harsh logistic environment. One of the advantages of the device is its speed: it can supply 180 pallets per hour with 2 labels per pallet – normally, one label is put on each side of the loading unit.


The labeller, which works together with the proven ALX 926 printer and loading system, prints at a resolution of 300 dpi, providing the best results when printing letters, logos, barcodes, temporary or constant data. In order to ensure 100% reliability, an integrated scanner checks the legibility of the barcode during the labelling process.


Designed for increased, 24/7 workload. The flexible, telescopic loader carries out labelling on one or both sides as required, while stopping the pallet only once; however, it is also capable of putting labels on three sides if necessary. The XPU is of massive design, its strong housing and the built-in sensor prevent any damage caused by the moving pallets. The labeller can be installed on either the right or the left hand side of the conveyor belt.


Data processing is simple due to the Ethernet input; the label reel and the thermal transfer ribbon can be replaced in a few seconds with the help of the hatch located on the front of the housing.

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