Printing Innovation Printers - German Quality at a reasonable price


They print and cut, and are fast and accurate – Printing Innovation’s iCube digital color printers deliver the highest quality.


Printing Innovation printers have been designed and developed to meet the highest industrial needs. Our technology partner is Memjet, which uses a special and efficient technology for print heads. 70,400 nozzles ensure excellent print colors, allowing the print head to deliver millions of ink drops in seconds. The colors come from five channels: blue-green, magenta, yellow and two black ones. An important aspect of the development was also to reduce the time to replace the cartridges and the ease of equipment handling.


With the integrated cutter unit, iCube printers can not only print, but also have the ability to cut out the finished labels.


The printers iCube 1, 2, and 3 are made in Germany, based on Memjet technology. They offer the advantage of minimal warm-up time and low print noise. Printing resolution is 1600 dpi, and the printer’s simple and durable design increases its service life.


Using translucent ink in the cartridge, the print is highly resistant to scratching. These printers can print in high quality on various materials (metals, plastics and films). Since the printers are used in the industry, it is an important feature that print speeds can reach 21.6 km/day, depending on the print color.


Masterprint Ltd., as the sole domestic distributor, not only installs Printing Innovation equipment but also provides complete, fast and reliable service throughout the country.


The following video shows the main benefits of Printing Innovation printers.


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