The Hospitals of Tomorrow - new SATO printers for patient safety

Sato WS2-350x240

The handwritten label is already a thing of the past – SATO has developed a new printer specifically for healthcare institutions.



With the WS2 device, now available, armbands, inpatient and lab labels can be printed. The aim of SATO’s developers was to achieve maximum patient safety.


The device can be integrated easily into the IT systems used by hospitals via USB and Ethernet interfaces.

The WS2 has the great advantage of being compact:

the armband and the inpatient labels are managed at the same time, thus facilitating the work of hospital workers and reducing the possibility of confusion. Print quality is excellent: resolution ranges from 203 dpi to 300 dpi.


The casing is antimicrobial plastic, resistant to disinfectants, so it is perfectly suitable for direct use in hospital departments as it is easy to clean.

The WS2 is 23 percent smaller than its competitors (the equipment is 1 kilogram and only 2 inches), so it can be easily transported thanks to its size and weight. In case of need, the operators can print even beside the hospital bed.

The machine prints quickly at 7 inches / second.


SATO also offers the equipment with a patient identification wristband as part of a competitive package. The WS2 works best with SATO’s armband, yet it is compatible with the most armbands and labels available on the market today.

Optional accessories are the Cutter kit as well as a feeder that supports all types of 2-inch labels. The USB key allows easy updating of the printer’s firmware.


In mid-October, Masterprint Kft. participated together with SATO in the jubilee XXV. Hungarian Health Days. During the significant forum of the hospital sector, we displayed SATO’s new WS2 printer to more than 400 business leaders.


As SATO is a Japanese brand and tea is known to contribute to the preservation of health, the participants of the conference were welcomed in a special Japanese tea tasting after the Gala Dinner.

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