High quality marking technology systems based on customer ideas and manufactured using premium tools. At the joint MACH TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS trade show this year our main goal was to present individual product identification.


Registration of chemical and health products (e.g. implants), food articles, and mechanical parts tracking… the number of fields where the simple identification of shipments is no longer enough is almost infinite. The products themselves must be supplied with unique codes generated under digitally controlled conditions, so that these IDs can be retrieved in a matter of seconds later. Our colleagues being in the Masterprint booth of the trade show were mainly visited by guests interested in this special area of Track & Trace.


The joint MACH TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS trade show held between 14 and 17 May this year was very popular, involving 550 exhibitors from 20 countries presenting a total of 1,100 metric tons of machines in the four exhibition halls of Hungexpo (the host of the event).


For Masterprint to put its share to this massive volume, we have introduced our own developed product identification offer, i.e. the PharmaJet Print&Check TE high speed coder (label printer), controller, validation and serialization station, which helps the pharmaceutical industry to individually track the preparations. In addition, we have exhibited the Limitronic COLOR digital cardboard printer, and the visitors were given the opportunity to see in live operation a Novexx XPU palette coder. This device places an A5 size label on both sides on a palette, in the most possible optimal location. We have also introduced the Leibinger JET 3 UP PI industrial inkjet printer, with the ability to print high contrast labels on dark surfaces as one of its main strength. In addition, ink does not dry in its special printhead, thus making it ideal for both continuous and intermittent operation. HITACHI Ink Jet Printer UX-B, as one of the most trusted coders in industrial labelling technology, was another equipment among our exhibits. The UX series machines are particularly well suited for special environments such as meat and dairy production plants.


Masterprint Ltd.’s product identification solutions help businesses in their fight against poor quality and counterfeiting in an automated way, and the result is a highly efficient and secure production.


Similarly to the previous exhibition in 2017, this year’s event was also a great opportunity to meet and sign contracts with the industry players, and we were very pleased to have many returning partners who wanted to complement their existing marking technology with our newly developed equipment.


Traceable products, transparent processes, automation, novelties and efficiency – in our opinion, these were the keywords of this year joint MACH TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS trade show. This event was attended by over 18,000 visitors this year.