Well readable markings on wooden pallets


Instead of burning with conventional equipment on the pallets, markings are printed on the wooden surface with an inkjet print head. This is an accurate and safe way for pallet marking.


One of the main Hungarian pallet manufacturing companies inquired us about an equipment that could replace their existing traditional pallet labeling system and eliminate the problems related to the old equipment.


The above-mentioned company is dealing with the large-scale production, recycling and trading of EUR pallets on a site of more than 10,000 sqm and has been present on the market for nearly 30 years. They were among the first Hungarian companies to introduce the technology of heating and drying pallets and wood products, and now they produce about 1 million pallets a year. Their production line has an output of 10 pallets per minute.


Their high-performance automatic pallet production line included a traditional pallet labeling device, which simply burned a variety of markings on the pallets using a heated metal pattern. They had a lot of problems with this solution. One major disadvantage of the equipment was that burning is highly flammable, as the pallets are made of wood. In addition, only fixed data could be printed, and if the label had to be changed, the switch took a lot of time and the production had to be stopped, so the marking operation significantly reduced production efficiency. Among their requirements was that the new marking system has to be cost effective and offer a significantly reduced switchover and marking time, so the latter will not be a production bottleneck anymore. Moreover, their priority objective was to eliminate the fire risk connected with the burning operation and improve the quality of marking.


After studying their requirements, our engineers’ best choice proved to be the Matthews T50 high-resolution inkjet printer, which is the latest in inkjet printer technology. Thanks to the increased cycle number of the installed equipment (it is not necessary to stop the pallet during marking), the time between marking pattern switches has been reduced to a minimum, i.e. half a minute, and energy consumption — compared to the previous technology meaning 6 to 10 kW power consumption — has been significantly reduced as well.


The client’s security related requirement was also met: the new technology eliminates fire hazards. 
Thanks to the precision of Matthews printers, the quality of marking has also improved considerably. Now each marking is perfectly legible, unlike the old markings, where sometimes unidentifiable signs were placed on the pallets. With an ink cartridge, you can make tens of thousands of markings depending on the size of the information to be placed on the pallets. Cost-effectiveness was also improved by the elimination of both wearable parts and heating coil replacement.


Please watch the short video and look at the pictures of the equipment printing on the pallets:

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