Your entry into the premium class – your new Leibinger printer at an affordable price


Are you faced with coding low or high volumes, continuous or seasonal production? The Jet One printer delivers the usual Leibinger-quality and offers the features that you need – at a lower price.


With its worldwide presence in 150 countries Leibinger from Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial printers for labeling. They offer integrated solutions for industrial marking technology – they develop and manufacture inkjet printers and camera verification systems. Every product of the group owned by the Leibinger family since its foundation is manufactured in Germany, thus ensuring a sound quality that can be verified.
Their solutions continuously responding to the market needs have been offered by Masterprint Kft. for 10 years, each of the printer families preceding the Jet One has been developed to serve different needs.


Extremely fast, extremely small or extremely colorful


There are industries where the speed of production is continuously growing and the volume of the production is determined by the fact whether marking is able to follow the speed of production. That is why Leibinger has developed the extremely fast High-Speed printer family, the members of which can code goods at a speed of up to 1000m/min producing perfectly legible print images. By using the JET Rapid the coding speed can be increased by up to 30% – and as a result the speed of production as well. Various surfaces and materials, without contact can be coded with this printer even at the highest speed still delivering perfect quality.
The JET3up CIJ inkjet printers of the Universal printer family offer over 800 user-friendly functions. The automatic Sealtronic nozzle sealing system eliminates the drying of ink, even if production is stopped for a longer time. Marking is fast and reliable with a maximum printing speed of 10m/s. They mark up to 5 lines – on materials including glass, film, metal or cables.
The LEIBINGER JET3up MI micro printer can produce tiny and precise prints on the smallest surfaces, even at a height of just 0.7 mm. No matter whether they are characters, numbers or barcodes, print images remain easy-to-read even if the height is short – among others this is a key issue in cable production. Special feature of the JET3up PI pigment ink printers is that they print on dark backgrounds with colored ink creating print images with high contrast that are perfectly legible. Thanks to the LEIBINGER EP egg printers it was never easier to comply with food safety regulations, all information required can easily and reliably be printed on eggs.


Basic Line – the reliable basic product family


The JET2neo of the Basic Line family is an easy-to-use printer with low operation costs which marks up to 3 lines with different fonts. It can be used for printing texts, barcodes, numbers, 2D codes or graphics. Main benefit of the JET2neoS inkjet coder is its ability to print small characters in a fast and precise way, while the JET2neoD has specifically been developed to perform well in dusty production environments.


Jet One – CIJ printer for every business


Leibinger’s brand new product is the Jet One. This is the cheapest inkjet printer of the company which accordingly has „limited” features as compared to the printers presented earlier. It offers exactly the features that your business needs for its efficient production processes – nothing more and nothing less. Very expressively, the category is called Entry – this printer is primarily intended for those who would like to enter the world of marking technology with a high quality printer at an affordable price. It is not offered to large companies with several decades of history but to smaller businesses producing mainly foods, drinks and consumer goods. The aim here is to provide good quality solutions in the industrial marking technology even to those preferring low purchasing costs and running costs (solvent + maintenance). It was also taken into consideration that production at these businesses is not necessarily continuous: the Jet One printers are perfectly suitable for production activities split into phases as well since they prevent the print head from drying out thanks to the hermetically sealed nozzle. Similarly to other equipment of Leibinger the Jet One printers are also premium-quality German products, offering also 2 years of guarantee like other printers of the company. Thanks to the non-contact marking technology printing is fast and efficiency is also increased by the fact that the special ink dries immediately, in less than 1 second.


Jet One on the product list of Masterprint


Masterprint Kft. is the exclusive distributor of Leibinger in Hungary. Similarly to the other Leibinger printers the Jet One can also be purchased at Masterprint Kft. so that as many small and medium sized companies as possible can buy these excellent printers.
The continuous inkjet technology (CIJ) is namely the most flexible, versatile and economic way for marking products, it is the best solution for a company if it wants to comply with the increasingly strict regulations without errors. The versatility of the new printer is reflected in the fact that it is suitable for the labeling of all possible products and materials: plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, technical composites, cardboard and paper. All of these can be printed with fixed and variable data such as use-by dates, LOT/batch numbers or even graphics. No matter if it has to work on convex or concave, rough or smooth surfaces, the Jet One prints perfectly legible and long lasting signs on the products. It can print two lines in different fonts or chimney marking, with adjustable font height and width, as well as in multi-level contrast.


Always ready to print, no more dried out ink


Thanks to the automatic Sealtronic nozzle sealing system, the Jet One is ready to print in just a few seconds, starting the printing without the ink smudging and immediately providing a clean print image. A real premium product has been developed from the most advanced hardware and software elements – all date, time and counter functions can be set as well as consecutive numbering and meter marking, automatic use-by date, dynamic backward printing and stop functions after reaching the preselected amount of products. It is easy to use: it can be controlled through a 5.7” Windows-based color touch-screen. Thanks to its digital inputs and outputs and USB interface it can easily be integrated into the production environment. In addition, it enables an unlimited number of print jobs to be created during ongoing production and saved for later reuse.


Just the way you want it – only better

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