Different solutions, applying both for palletizing and distribution, to fit the required throughput.


Manual Station
Based on a PC station with a 2D handheld reader and a desktop printer, this station is designed for manual aggregation of bundles and cases when low production rates are requested. The stainless steel structure holding the bundles or case can be rotated for maximimum operator ergonomics.


Once the correct number of items has been scanned by the 2D handheld scanner, according to the format chosen by the operator through the HMI, the ZEBRA printer will issue the upper level item label. When the operator scans the issued label, and this proves to be readable, the aggregation takes place, at a database level. The label is manually applied by the operator. Multi-label formats can be selected.


  • – IPC 15” Touch Screen
- PTS – Packing Tracking System software module
- Electrical cabinet
  • – Stainless steel desk structure adjustable in angle and transportable on wheels
- Hand held Datamatrix reader

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