ATS 3Core


ATS 3.0 – core & domains

  • – The evolving scenario of regulations toward track & trace requires today’s packaging operations to be adaptable and flexible in order to guarantee investments in time and therefore minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership.
  • – Antares Vision – leader in track & trace applications for the pharmaceutical industry – responds to this market request with ATS CORE, third generation of the renowned Antares Tracking System.
  • – ATS CORE creates a new track and trace concept: it is capable to cope with all national rules and all customer’s requests.
  • – Its innovative power is inherent in its software architecture, made by a main central and unvarying body called CORE, and pluggable tailor-made interfaces called DOMAINS.
  • – The central CORE is complemented with various customized DOMAINS. The CORE and the DOMAINS are independently integrated.
  • – That means that options, function and line devices can be changed, updated and increased just upgrading, adding or changing the plugged DOMAIN elements, without any need to re-validate the CORE.
  • – ATS CORE permits tailor-made systems for significant savings in time and money.



This revolutionary software architecture assures:

  • – total flexibility for specific requirements
  • – reduced costs and less time for customizations:
  • – separate validations for every new integrated domain
  • – future expandability with new functions or components with no need to re-validate all the system


Any regulation can be easily addressed in a specific domain

  • – Support for GS1 Rules, Chinese Rules and any requirement from different Countries.
  • – This flexibility allows, for instance, the CORE to be freely integrated with various local domains as new regulations emerge: when a new features (as a notification interface with Regulatory Agencies) have to be added or changed, its modular structure allows to easily fulfill this task.


Any procedure and working rule can be easily changed or added

  • – The aggregation item hierarchy (carton, bundle, case, pallet) can be changed by the rules of the Domain (for instance, cartons to case aggregation).
  • – New aggregation levels (e.g. blisters) can be introduced by a Domain.


Easy integration with all existing or new devices

  • – Additional devices (cameras, printers, RFID, UV, etc.) can be integrated in the Domain.
  • – The behavior of each device can be easily changed or extended.


Better user experience

  • – Easy and intuitive user interface, quick training.
  • – GUI completely redesigned with Metro interface style.
  • – Customizable Reports (for Work Order, Serial, Audit Trail, etc.).


Easy Integration with any customer’s ERP, WMS, MES and EPCIS server

  • – ATS supports all IT technologies, as SAP AII/ OER, Axway, IBM InfoSphere, IBM WebSphere.

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