GINOP 8.3.5., GINOP 1.2.1. and GINOP 2.1.7. application at Masterprint Kft.


GINOP 8.3.5.

Beneficiary name: MasterPrint Jelöléstechnika Kft.
ID № of the project: GINOP-8.3.5-18 ’B’ HITELCÉL

Based on the supporter decision received on May 30, 2023, our company has been granted a repayable support of 149,000,000 Hungarian Forints within the framework of the “B” Credit Program for the Modernization of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) under the GINOP-8.3.5-18 scheme. This support contributes to mitigating the economic challenges caused by the COVID pandemic, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of our company through financing operational costs and inventory acquisitions.

Use of working capital financing:

  • 100 000 000 Ft will be allocated for workforce costs at MasterPrint Jelöléstechnika Kft., aiming to maintain a suitable quantity and quality of workforce for ongoing operations. The awarded support will cover remuneration for employees during the supported period, including wages, social benefits, taxes, contributions, and other payments (such as reimbursements and miscellaneous expenses).
  • 49 000 000 Ft will be used to procure necessary raw materials for our activities. Following project implementation, the accounting will encompass the procurement costs of raw materials according to Section 78(2) of the Income Tax Act, thus reflecting the cost of materials acquired and utilized during the business year.

The repayable support contributes to achieving our future goals, strengthening our economic activities, and enabling us to attain a more stable and competitive position in the market.


GINOP 1.2.1.

Beneficiary name: MasterPrint Jelöléstechnika Kft.
Project title: Expansion of production capacity at MasterPrint Jelöléstechnika Kft.
Amount of contracted funding: 124 627 221 Ft
Share of the contracted funding in project financing (%): 49,999999 %
Actual completion date of the project: 2020.02.03.
ID № of the project: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00725

With the planned expansion of the production capacity, the Company will be able to carry out by own means a significant part of the manufacturing process, thereby increasing its sales, reducing exposure to subcontractors, while ensuring and improving its current market position.

In the framework of the project, the following assets will be purchased:

  • Miltrioncs VM4020 type vertical machining tool
  • ProCut i5 fiber laser cutting machine
  • ProLaseM40 fiber laser marking station with rotary table

A beszerzendő eszközöknek köszönhetően a vállalkozás eddig kiszervezett tevékenységeit (gépelemek és alkatrészek előkészítése, gyártása, jelölése) kiváló minőségben, precízen és gyorsan saját kapacitásból végezné el.

With the equipment planned to be purchased, the company would be able to carry out its currently outsourced activities (preparation, manufacturing and marking of machine components and spare parts) by own means, providing high quality, precise and quick work.
On the software side, the engineering work environment needed to optimize production and the acquisition of related modules, in addition to cost reduction, would enable faster, safer, more precise, more predictable and traceable engineering design. The enterprise management system used by the Company would be expanded with a software quality control function, so it would be part of a complex production management and production programming system.

In connection with information technology development, the following software and hardware will be purchased:

  • Dell Precision M3520 notebook
  • Dell Precision M3530 notebook
  • HP DL20 Gen9szerver konfiguráció
  • HP DL360 Gen10 szerver konfiguráció
  • HP 1/8 G2 LTO6 SAS Autoload Bndl/Tvlite
  • Solidworks Inspection Professional
  • Solidworks Professional
  • Solidworks Simulation Professional
  • SolidCAM 2 Axis Milling

In order to increase the production capacity, the present tender also includes the expansion of the manufacturing hall, which would have a total (gross) area of 331.72 m² by the end of the project. The cooling and heating system of the building will be upgraded with the installation of a heat pump system using renewable energy, and the increased energy demand of the Company due to capacity increase will be compensated by a solar system. The expansion of production justifies the recruitment of 2 new employees, and the company plans to employ a total of 27 employees by the end of the project.

The Company has certification both for MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


GINOP 2.1.7.

Beneficiary name: Masterprint Jelöléstechnika Kft.
Project title: Masterprint Complete Pharmaceutical Serial Numbering Prototype System: a new system compliant with strict tracking requirements and offering random serial numbering and verification, database management and online communication
Amount of contracted funding: 127 383 550 Ft
Share of the contracted funding in project financing (%): 59,08%
Actual completion date of the project:: 2020.07.29.
ID № of the project: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-02423

The strict numbering and tracking of certain pharmaceutical products is a legal requirement in the EU since 9 February 2019. The aim of this measure is to prevent the falsification of medicines. In order to comply with and adhere to the extremely strict monitoring and traceability rules there is a need for special marking technology applications integrated into the industrial processes, while the serial numbering task requires serious development efforts from all members of the supply chain.

Currently, the market lacks a complete solution for the pharmaceutical industry offering digital marking and serial numbering and meeting both the strict regulatory requirements and market (and manufacturer) demands (i.e. serial number generator, data matrix code printer, camera-based control, database manager, online communication, production line and production manager). Masterprint Kft. aims to create a modern, and unique system with high added value and simultaneously providing marking, identification, verification and online traceability for 5 years of the pharmaceutical products in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/161.

The hardware of the system to be developed will be able to perform digital marking of the pharmaceutical products at primary, secondary and tertiary production levels, integration of the marking technology into the hardware production line, and also providing camera-backed verification (trackback) and scrap management. We are working with our subcontractor to develop our complex serial number generating, database management and online communications software system. This software will provide serial number generation, database management, database storage, access rights-based retrieval and online communication with EU and national HUB systems created under Regulation (EU) 2016/161. In the framework of the project, the following assets will be purchased and used for the construction of our prototype system: MPERIA IP65 control units, L-series 25 mm printheads; ViaJet 25 mm printheads; ViaJet ink systems; Novexx 64-06 self-adhesive near-edge label printing units; Novexx ALX926 LA-SO corner-edge print&apply automatic labeling unit; OMRON FZ (or FV, FX, FQ) XPECTIA OEM camera and image processing units; incremental transmitters and optoelectronic switches.

As a result of the project, we will develop a complex technology that can meet the future demands of the global pharmaceutical industry and any demands related to the hardware and software technology.



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