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With Hitachi LM laser markers, you can accurately and cleanly mark product packaging even at high speeds.

Hitachi LM


Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM
Hitachi LM

What tasks can we use Hitachi LM laser markers for?

The Hitachi LM series, which includes CO2 laser technology-based vector marking systems, is an excellent choice for various industries when it comes to marking different packaging materials such as paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, foil, film, PET bottles, or other plastic surfaces. The LM series offers three different wavelength settings, allowing us to select the optimal type for each material to ensure flawless marking quality. These versatile laser markers can be used for printing alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, or certification emblems, among other applications.

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Technological features

Hitachi LM marking systems employ continuous-wave gas laser technology for product and packaging marking, offering low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements even in large-scale industrial applications. The uniquely designed stepped housing ensures efficient airflow for cooling, ensuring reliable and error-free operation over the long term.

The compact size of the devices and the efficient onboard control system allow for flexible integration into manufacturing lines. If you prefer remote control of the marking tasks from a computer, there are multiple offline configuration options available. You can connect the LM markers to the central printing control hardware via Ethernet or serial USB ports.

Advantages of Hitachi LM marking systems

User-friendly operation options

With its icon-based, 10.4-inch touchscreen, it is easy to navigate through the printing workflow. With WYSIWYG display, you can see exactly how the final marking will appear on the objects even during the design stage. Additionally, Hitachi LM markers can be operated with a standard PC, providing access to various extra functions such as flexible handling of text and image layers, saving laser settings for different products, dynamic time and date calculations, as well as generating log files and reports.


Precise and high-speed marking

The LM series marking systems are capable of precise and clean marking on any surface, even at high printing speeds. The special laser beam amplification technology narrows the focus point, ensuring sharp contours even for the smallest characters.


Flawless operation in extreme conditions

Thanks to their robust and highly durable design, Hitachi LM laser markers can withstand even the most challenging industrial environments. The machines comply with the IP54 protection rating, offering increased resistance to dust and water ingress.

Hitachi - Japanese quality and expertise

Hitachi, a Japanese company with over 100 years of history, is widely recognized and popular in the field of industrial marking technology for its continuous inkjet printers and laser markers. Their products are known for their reliable quality and innovative design. The company also places great emphasis on sustainability, ensuring that their products meet environmental standards. With an international service network, they provide support for any issues that may arise.

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