Masterprint Coding and Marking Ltd.

MasterPrint Ltd. was founded in January 2007 by five hungarian engineers, who had spent their last decade working on the field of industrial marking, coding and packaging and earned recognition for themselves and for the companies they had worked for.

In-house development

Design and manufacture

We would like to fulfill the ever growing demand for customized integrated systems by our high quality solutions in the fields of coding and marking, packaging and goods handling. The design, implementation and operation of these customized solutions are characterized by speed, high quality and reliability. We have years of experience in design and implementation from moving and transfer systems to feeder-marking-control follow up systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions concerning your customized production-packaging systems!

Product showcase

Antares-Masterprint Hybrid P&C

For marking and validating country specific, large and small series pharmaceutical products

Antares-Masterprint Hybrid P&C

PharmaJet DMP IV

Economic printing controlling and validation system developed for manufacturer, distributor and logistics companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Masterprint PharmaJet DMP IV machine

PharmaJet Blister

PharmaJet Blister applies the marking suitable for the destination on the blister at the final stage of the process, therefore it is not necessary to produce the blisters with the final marking on them in advance in small series.

Masterprint PharmaJet Blister machine


Outstanding competence

Masterprint Ltd. always seeking excellence in its offers of innovative solutions based on the latest technologies in coding and marking, packaging and logistics.

The vocation, skills and market experience of the founders and professionals of our company ensure that the personalized products give the optimal solution for your goals.The brands distributed and represented by Masterprint are always of the highest quality in a given industrial segment. By introducing world-famous brands such as Leibinger, Hitachi, Avery or HP to the Hungarian market we continuously offer more and better equipment and services. This way the high quality of our solutions help you to develop a competitive advantage in a short run.


Our solutions and services cover the whole spectrum of the coding and marking industry. You can check the versatility of our skills and solutions in Your industry.


By looking for and representing the highest quality manufacturers, we offer you premium solutions that helps you become more cost effective, and give you the edge over competitors in the short run.