Automatic measuring
and labelling system


An automated system developed for cheese production companies that uses a certified scale to measure and label products, combined with automatic bulk label printing.

Automatikus mérő- és címkéző rendszer


Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer
Automatikus mérő és címkéző rendszer

What can the automatic measuring and labelling system be used for?

For weighing cheese products of various shapes and sizes with certified scales, for coding commercial data, and for self-controlled bulk label printing. All data is accurately recorded in a database, so that previously validated data can be retrieved in the event of any subsequent complaints. We are always happy to take on such a unique task, as our decades of experience allow us to design such complex systems.

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The measuring and labelling system consists of the following elements

A conveyor belt tracking the distance between the products
In order to ensure certified measurement, it was important to have a belt regulating the distance between the products, because only one piece of cheese can be put on the belt at a time. This belt allows the product to be measured only at the regulated distance and speed.

Ishida belt weigher (certified) with integrated CEIA detector
Ishida is a producer with several years of experience, weighing in a credible and sufficiently precise manner, that transfers the data with fast data communication. Ishida was an obvious choice since our sister company, MasterQuality Kft. is the exclusive distributor of the Ishida products, and the quality was already proven on several occasions. Considering the high sensitivity of CEIA metal detectors we can state that CEI is one of the best among these products.

Novexx ALX 924 with a top labelling application
We have installed a Novexx ALX 924 top labelling device in the system, a product with an appropriate price/value ratio and high printing quality. As the size and shape of the products are continuously changing, we have designed a unique label applicator for this, so that it can be used for label any type of cheese product.

Novexx ALS 206 bottom labelling device
Once the top label with various data is fixed after the measurement, the standard label can also be put on the product.

4 stage selection/sorting station
Besides measurement and labelling, sorting function was also required. Products can be sorted based on the defects (weight is lower or higher than required, metal contamination, other defect) or according to weight. It can be set that after measurement and labelling, products less than 1 kg will go to box No 1, products between 1 and 2 kg will go to box No 2, products between 2 and 5 kg will go to box No 3 and defected products will go to box No 4.

Automated printing of aggregating labels for packages, boxes or pallets
The data of the aggregate labels include the data of individual measurements, where after the automated label printing phase, the label is put manually on the products. The content of the aggregate labels can be freely configurated, the system can aggregate cheese in any type of geometric features.

Software background

Besides the physical system (hardware), the software including the product and production database, the label editor, an interactive graphic user interface, network communication and remote access, was also important. All the data related to the products – GTIN, SSCC, weight limits, label design – are saved and stored in the central database. The operator just selects the appropriate product and how many kilograms, how many packages or pallets need to be labelled. The machine will automatically stop once it is finished with the given quantity.

Full technical support - Masterprint services

We are helping the pharmaceutical sector modernise its marking processes with unique solutions, both in hardware and software. But that’s not all we do. We provide full 24/7 technical support for our proprietary serialisation equipment, from commissioning to after sales support.

To ensure long-term, reliable cooperation, our team of engineers, who are specialised in pharmacological projects, will be at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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