Bag feeder and labeller


Our bag feeding, marking and labelling system is a complete solution for marking bags for the agrochemical sector.

Zsákadagoló és címkéző


Zsákadagoló és címkéző
Zsákadagoló és címkéző
Zsákadagoló és címkéző
Zsákadagoló és címkéző
Zsákadagoló és címkéző
Zsákadagoló és címkéző

In which areas can the bag feeder and labeller be used?

The Masterprint bag feeder, marker and labeller is a custom-designed line of machines specifically made for bag marking. It allows you to perform marking tasks quickly and with outstanding accuracy, even in high volumes. It is primarily recommended for the agrochemical sector, where it assists in placing various types of product information on the packaging of seeds, fertilisers and other bagged commodities. This allows you to fully comply not only with traceability requirements, but also with industry-specific regulatory requirements for product authenticity.

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Feeding, marking and labelling steps

When developing the bagger and labeller, we placed great emphasis on ensuring that the operation of the line requires minimal maintenance and therefore the least possible human resources to promote production efficiency. The automated process consists of the following steps:

1, Feeding
Our uniquely designed automatic bag feeding machine has a maximum capacity of 150 bags, but can be continuously loaded to avoid downtime losses. Compatible bag sizes: height: 380-550 mm; width: 550-900 mm.

2, Marking
The bags can be optionally labelled by two Matthews VIAJet T100 or two, three or four Matthews L50 thermal inkjet printers. The marking speed can be up to 100 metres per minute depending on the setting. The character size can be adjusted from 2 to 100 mm and the maximum print height is 100 mm.

3, Labelling
For the labelling of bagged products, a total of five stations can be integrated into the system, in a customised configuration, which can be assembled from the following devices:

  • Novexx ALS 206 uses an easy-to-replace roll of material to apply your pre-printed design labels and folding tags.
  • Novexx ALX 735 is a high-performance system for labelling and applying your pre-printed labels subject to strict tracking requirements. This machine is capable of intelligent variable data management and high-quality printing.
  • With the addition of a separate applicator, the Novexx ALS 206 uses air to apply the design labels to the bags, rotating them 90 degrees to the direction of travel.

4, Bag sorting unit
The final step is for the marked and labelled or tagged bags to be sorted by a unit with a sensor that can be adjusted to the size of the bags.

Advantages of the bag feeding and labelling system

High speed to increase productivity

With the bag filling and labelling system, up to 1,500 bags per hour can be marked and labelled, making marking tasks smooth and easy even for high production volumes.


User-friendly management

Thanks to the 15-inch icon-based touchscreen, neither data management nor print control will be a problem. We provide state-of-the-art IT support for the equipment.


Full service and maintenance

We also help our clients beyond system customisation and installation: we provide full after-sales support through service and maintenance contracts.

Complete hardware and software solutions from Masterprint

Our company is not just about developing hardware. We also help to modernise our clients’ marking processes with comprehensive print control and tracking software. With Linemaster, our L2-level print control and monitoring module, and Sitemaster, our L3-level product and material tracking system, you can fully meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 concept.

Choose our unique system for marking your bagged products.

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