VIAjet L-Series


The quality of a product is also determined by the quality of its markings. With Matthews VIAjet L-Series, this will not be an issue.

Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat


Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet L-sorozat

Quick installation and ink replacement, low maintenance costs

Marking variable data, graphics, and simple texts at unprecedented speeds with a high-resolution thermal inkjet printer. These small character coders print at the same speed as their continuous inkjet (CIJ) counterparts, and they offer several advantages over CIJ printers. Marking on corrugated cardboard, printing barcodes on uncoated wood, placing batch codes on pre-printed veneer sheets, and printing expiration dates on glossy labels – a truly versatile coder handles all these tasks without a hitch.

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he product features of Matthews VIAjet L-Series

It’s no coincidence that thermal inkjet printers have been popular in various marking technology fields for decades. The operation principle of these devices is simple: the ink is heated in the printheads, and the resulting bubble propels a droplet of ink through the nozzle.

Thermal inkjet systems are exceptionally flexible, providing excellent quality marking and coding at an affordable price. Members of the Matthews VIAjet L-Series cater to both small character coding and graphic marking requirements, all while keeping up with the speed of the production line. They offer a cost-effective alternative to continuous inkjet printing, with key features being their compact footprint and flexible expansion options.

The advantages of the Matthews VIAjet L-Series

High-resolution marking

Barcodes, QR/Data Matrix codes, texts, or graphics – up to 600 dpi resolution. Moreover, the members of the Matthews VIAjet L-Series can produce precise images on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Whether it’s a brand logo or sharp, easily readable marks for traceability, these devices handle these tasks with ease. The L-Series models meet the requirements of most modern coding and marking applications.


Matches the production line speed

An ideal choice for quickly increasing the capacity of existing production lines or complementing specialized production lines. Whether high or low-resolution marking is needed, these small character industrial printers excel at both. At lower resolutions, they can print up to 975 meters of text per minute, and for extra precise marking, at 600 dpi resolution, they can place extremely sharp text up to 60 meters on products and packaging.


Easy-to-use, integrate, and connect printers

For those seeking a thermal inkjet printer that offers excellent quality marking and user-friendliness, the L-Series is the optimal choice. Cartridges and printheads can be easily replaced within seconds, ensuring that these operations do not slow down production, thus maintaining the efficiency of the production line.


Wide range of ink options

Matthews strives to offer customers a variety of ink colors, including fast-drying inks. From water-based solutions to FDA-approved solvent-based inks, the L-Series users have numerous options at their disposal, ensuring outstanding quality markings and less waste.


Centralized control – Coordinated production lines

The universal Matthews controller, MPERIA, can centrally manage multiple production lines. Thanks to centralized control, different production lines can be seamlessly integrated without the need for intermediate software. MPERIA helps reduce damages caused by human errors, as messages and codes can be automated through an intuitive interface.


Compact size, versatile applications

The L-Series is an excellent choice for manufacturing lines with limited space. Developed to meet various needs, these markers print batch numbers, barcodes, expiration dates, small graphics, or logos on trayed packages, corrugated cardboard, timber, and engineered wood, for instance. They are ideal for larger graphics, multi-line texts, and serialization data. The L-Series provides a wide range of marking heights, with popular models suitable even for micro-character requirements.

Matthews is a global player in the marking and coding industry

With a history dating back over 160 years, Matthews International, headquartered in Pittsburgh, has a global presence in the marking and coding industry, spanning from the United States to Australia and all the way to Japan. Matthews offers a range of marking and coding solutions, including standard and custom-developed products suitable for various industries, from everyday marking tasks to creating anti-counterfeiting prints in the packaging, plastics, food, and processing sectors, among others.

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