VIAjet V-Series


If the goal is durable, aesthetic markings, and flexible processes – the members of the Matthews VIAjet V-Series excel in precisely that.

Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat


Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat
Matthews VIAjet V-sorozat

First-class large character marking

Variable data marking can vary significantly when it comes to different products and manufacturing conditions. The Matthews VIAjet V-Series large character, high-resolution inkjet coders create colorful and highly legible markings on products where most coders struggle to provide durable and readable information. From wooden pallets to plastic-wrapped pallets, they excel even in the most challenging conditions. Printing from below? From above? From the side? They can do it exactly as required by the specific production line

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Product features of the Matthews VIAjet V-Series

In some industries, the previous marking methods for displaying variable data were slow and inflexible. The Matthews VIAjet V-Series coders not only represent an advancement by offering the capability to print in various colors on both porous and non-porous surfaces but also allow for quick and easy transitions between different colors.

The specially designed nozzle effortlessly handles even the most challenging conditions. This marking system grows alongside the business as it can be easily expanded from one production line to multiple. It is ideal for printing both small and large characters, as well as for marking large logos and graphics.

Advantages of the Matthews VIAjet V-Series

Flexible operation, simple transitions

Thanks to the tiltable printheads, the members of the V-Series can mark in the desired size and resolution. By horizontally positioning the printheads, these coders can create larger markings. The printheads have an extremely long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to minimizing downtime, thereby increasing efficiency.


Excellent print quality, vibrant colors

With the ink and solvents offered by Matthews for their coders, sharp and exceptional markings can be applied to various surfaces. The special ink recirculation technology minimizes ink wastage, resulting in lower cost per marking. Matthews provides a wide range of inks for pigment, porous, and non-porous surfaces, allowing users to make no compromises. A significant advantage is that they use only the amount of ink truly needed.


MPERIA® – the truly universal controller

To minimize losses due to human errors, Matthews developed the MPERIA® universal control system. It ensures easy integration, automatically generates messages and coding through an intuitive interface, enabling printing processes to keep up with production growth. The MPERIA® smoothly integrates and manages nearly any number of production lines and processes, effortlessly connecting with other business systems.


Cost-effective DOD technology

Drop-on-demand (DOD) technology is significantly more cost-effective than many other printing methods, such as labeling. The increased printing flexibility means there are no limitations based on label size, and it can be applied to both smooth and corrugated surfaces. Among the various models in the series, the smallest printable character is 2.38 mm, and the largest is 127 mm tall. It can print up to 237 meters of text per minute.

Matthews is a global player in the marking and coding industry

With a history dating back over 160 years, Matthews International, headquartered in Pittsburgh, has a global presence in the marking and coding industry, spanning from the United States to Australia and all the way to Japan. Matthews offers a range of marking and coding solutions, including standard and custom-developed products suitable for various industries, from everyday marking tasks to creating anti-counterfeiting prints in the packaging, plastics, food, and processing sectors, among others.

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