The CAB EOS2 / EOS5 desktop label printer combines user-friendly operation with a robust construction – exactly what is needed for an industrial label printer.




Who is the CAB EOS2 / EOS5 desktop label printer suitable for?

It is the perfect choice for those seeking an entry-level, reliable, and user-friendly desktop label printer. Designed for the most common label printing tasks, it also offers a mobile version for printing labels in environments without access to electrical power. It features a sturdy frame and durable components, making it suitable for portability. Whether you opt for thermal transfer (TT) or direct thermal (DT) printing, both versions of the printer are capable of handling both printing methods.


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Product features

An industrial-grade, high-capacity, robust yet compact desktop label printer designed for industrial use, making it an ideal choice for businesses dealing with space constraints. The cadlabel S simplifies label design and showcases the printing image. The EOS2 / EOS5 label printer by CAB, a German company, is a thermal transfer printer specifically designed for custom label printing. The mobile version provides complete freedom and independence with its 24V battery.

The advantages of the CAB EOS2 / EOS5

Fits in the smallest spaces

A true desktop label printer, thanks to its small size and weight (EOS2: 253 x 191 x 322 | EOS5: 264 x 247 x 412 mm, 5 kg), it doesn’t require bringing the products to the printer but rather brings the printer to the products. It is available in both standard and mobile versions, with mobile printing being particularly helpful in areas such as agriculture and storage where labels are needed but there is no access to electrical power. The standard version operates at 24 volts.


Readability and high-speed printing

With the CAB EOS5, even at resolutions between 203 and 300 dpi (selectable), labels are quickly printed at a maximum speed of 150 mm/sec. The label dispenser is made of thin steel, allowing precise label separation, with a maximum print width of 105.7mm.


User-friendly design

The printer head is easily replaceable during cleaning and regular use, without the need for additional tools. The intuitive and user-friendly interface, along with self-explanatory indicators, simplifies device configuration. All settings can be adjusted using the display, making printer operation straightforward. The transparent cover protects the components, allowing easy monitoring of the ribbon and label rolls. Consumables can be replaced quickly and effortlessly, and a built-in sensor indicates when the roll is nearing its end.


Software for simplicity in printing

The cadlabel S software enables pre-designed label layouts to be created on a computer and then imported into the printer using USB drives, memory cards, etc. Variable information can be added to labels via keyboard input, which can be connected to the printer using the USB interface. Those choosing the EOS5 will also receive a CD alongside the USB cable, allowing easy installation of the cablabel S Lite software. The Lite version of cadlabel S does not support printing variable information barcodes, whereas the Pro version does, along with the ability to import data from the computer into the printer.


Easy data input

Equipped with commonly used interfaces such as SD card, USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi stick, keyboard, and barcode reader, the device enables convenient storage and easy input of various label formats, text, logos, graphics, and barcodes, even without an internet connection.


Mobile version for complete independence

The “pack 2” battery pack allows for more than 500 print jobs per day, without the need for charging, for 100mm x 68mm labels. Upon request, availability can be doubled with the “battery pack 4,” providing even greater capacity and enhancing the convenience of using the EOS5. The battery can be recharged within two hours.

CAB is a successful German family-owned business in the field of labeling technology

Founded in 1975 in Germany, Cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG is a successful family-owned business in the field of labeling technology. Following the principle of “Think globally, act locally,” the company shapes its internal structure and develops its market activities. It operates subsidiary companies in key international markets, allowing it to closely observe and promptly incorporate market and technological trends into its product development.

Whether it’s in the areas of development, manufacturing, or distribution of industrial labeling technology, Cab adheres to the highest standards and consistently applies environmentally friendly technologies. The company also places great emphasis on meeting the needs of its partners in local sales and service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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