Novexx XLP 51x


The Novexx XLP 51x is ideal for printing variable and fixed data, and it is capable of high-resolution printing (200, 300, and 600 dpi).

Novexx XLP 51x


Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x
Novexx XLP 51x

What assistance does the Novexx XLP 51x provide?

The Novexx company, a German developer and manufacturer, offers the XLP 51 device that is capable of printing labels not only for products but also for cartons and pallets. The development of the XLP 51x aimed to enhance label quality and reduce labeling costs.

The greatest guarantee for excellent quality is when a single company manufactures all segments of a product. Hardware, software, and services all provided by one source mean accountability and a professional end result.

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Product features of the Novexx XLP 51x

The Novexx XLP 51x basic label printer is perfectly suited for integration into any industrial environment. It provides excellent quality printing for barcodes, fonts, and graphics on a wide range of label materials. It is an ideal choice for low to medium volume label printing, with a printing width of 4 to 6 inches (106 to 160 mm).

Key features include:

  • Excellent printing performance for any font size and barcode
  • Suitable for low and medium volume printing
  • Perfect fit for various labeling applications
  • Compliant with the latest digital requirements
  • Offers the best value for money
The advantages of the Novexx XLP 51x

Excellent quality consumables

A wide range of ribbons and self-manufactured labels are available for use with the equipment. These include blank labels for variable data printing, colored labels with security features or custom patterns. They can be used with various sizes, thicknesses, and types of materials. Novexx’s own consumables are perfectly compatible with NOVEXX hardware. The maximum label width is 185 mm, and the ribbon roll capacity is 450 m.


First-class printing quality and perfect labels

The XLP 51x is an ideal printing solution for medium-sized applications, available in 4 and 6-inch (106 and 160 mm) printing widths. It is capable of outstanding high-resolution printing (200, 300, and 600 dpi) for both variable and fixed data. Users of the Novexx XLP 51x label printer can choose from a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes for their printing needs. The continuous ribbon tension contributes to the excellent printing performance.


Seamless integration into any industrial environment

The equipment is made of high-quality components, with a robust and durable housing. The fanless design aims to prevent dust ingress. It is a printer designed for real-world use, providing maximum uptime with easy maintenance and quick label changeovers. Whether labeling individual products, boxes, or full pallets, it can print variable and static data, barcodes, and graphics in excellent quality on various label materials, including (coated) papers, films, or cardboards. It is capable of printing any size of font and barcode for small to medium volumes.

Novexx, representing German reliability in labeling technology

Novexx Solutions develops and manufactures high-quality labeling solutions exclusively in Germany, with a strong focus on continuous product innovation and customer-centric solutions. They prioritize sustainability as an integral part of their corporate philosophy. With a global presence in 11 locations and a network of over 100 official partners, Novexx ensures expert assistance is readily available in case of any potential issues.

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