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Eidos Coditherm labels are high-resolution markings that resist frequent washing, scratching, rubbing, and solvents.

Eidos Coditherm


Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm
Eidos Coditherm

What types of objects can be labeled using the Eidos Coditherm printer?

The different types of Coditherm printers are designed for labeling various product families. They offer high-quality printing on a wide range of surfaces, with easy ribbon replacement and user-friendly displays. They can print on products with recessed areas, thin cables, or curved surfaces. The result is instantly dry and clean, with sharp and precise variable information on the products. Thermal transfer printing ensures low maintenance costs, a feature that applies to all Coditherm models.

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Characteristics of the Eidos Coditherm family

Electronics, healthcare, logistics – durable labeling is needed in every industry. This versatile printer family was developed to meet the needs of different-sized, surfaced, and shaped products with variable data. Plastic labels, plastic crates, thin plastic-coated wires – Eidos has developed different models to cater to various requirements. The different versions of Coditherm can print on most surfaces, materials, and shapes of industrial products. They enable automatic product identification and traceability, making them a truly modern industrial product family.

Advantages of the Eidos Coditherm family

Printing on recessed surfaces

The Eidos Coditherm H-Pad model is designed to create perfectly readable markings on recessed and hard-to-reach surfaces of structured plastic containers, such as crates, containers, and trays, up to a depth of 25mm, at a speed of 50mm/s. Using a transfer pad with a maximum size of 95mm x 150mm, it can print variable information on PE and PP materials at high temperatures. With a pressing force of 2000 kg, this device produces vivid and highly durable markings.


Extreme durable markings on unusual objects

When high-temperature printing and extremely durable markings are required, the solution is infrared light. The infrared thermal transfer technology is a patented Eidos innovation, and in the case of IRoller 2, the coil heated by infrared light results in faster transmission speed without energy loss. Thanks to its adjustable coils, the I-Roller 2 excels at marking flat surfaces that require high pressure for long-lasting markings or on objects with unusual textures, such as plastic pallets, containers, trays, and labels. The coil heats up without contact and can print on flat or slightly curved surfaces, such as solid plastic bins, to create extremely durable, solvent-resistant, and scratch-resistant markings. It is an ideal choice for flat or slightly curved products. For example, the Eidos Coditherm IRoller Ultra-Long is suitable for the durable labeling of plastic labels, capable of labeling a maximum of 10 labels per line.


Round or flat surfaces

The Coditherm Round model is designed for marking round or slightly tapered products and offers various rotating tools for this purpose. The Flat version handles the marking of large, flat surfaces, while the Pad model is designed for very small surfaces. The end result is consistently precise characters, symbols, and markings, ensuring easy readability and durability. The smaller the object, the greater the challenge to print sharp, legible markings on it, making the Short model excellent for placing variable data on small objects.


Commonly used markings

The different types of Coditherm printers are capable of printing very small and extremely large markings, and they can accommodate various variable information on industrial products, including barcodes, 2D codes, logos, directly onto porous, uneven, solid, or curved surfaces of plastic objects without interrupting the production process. There are numerous thermal transfer ribbons available for different printer models, offering a variety of colors.


User-friendly and easy to operate

The touchscreen display simplifies the setup process, making it easy to enter data. With the integrated electronic unit and touchscreen, printing parameters can be directly loaded into the device’s memory from a USB drive or a connected computer. The ribbon replacement is fast and simple.

Eidos always focuses on providing excellent quality products and services

Eidos, located in Italy, plays a leading role in the design and manufacturing of label printers as well as in industrial product labeling and automatic printing.

Thermal transfer is a clean, environmentally friendly, and secure solution for real-time printing of variable data, such as expiration dates, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes, identification codes, and more.

Every Eidos product is the result of its own design and development, both in hardware and software. This has facilitated the development of highly efficient solutions and applications, many of which are protected by international patents.

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