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Printing and applying labels at speeds of up to 500 mm per second – for both stationary and moving objects.

Eidos Printess


Eidos Printess
Eidos Printess
Eidos Printess
Eidos Printess
Eidos Printess
Eidos Printess

What tasks can we use the Eidos Printess family models for?

With 40 years of experience in thermal printing, Eidos has introduced the Printess series of label printers and applicators to the market. These devices are capable of quickly applying small, medium, or large labels to various sides of moving or stationary products. The use of large diameter label rolls provides flexibility in printing, and Eidos offers a range of applicators to fulfill different tasks.

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Product features of Eidos Printess

Compact devices that print self-adhesive labels in high quality with a resolution of 300 dpi, and then apply them to boxes, pallets, and barrels at speeds of up to 500 mm/s. Barcode, QR code, expiration date – the printable data can be easily input into the device using the EASYCODE software.

Product advantages of Eidos Printess

The Printess 4 is a compact and cost-effective label printer and applicator with a maximum print size of 107mm x 500mm. The Printess 5 model stands out for its independent operation, as it can accommodate up to 1000 meters of ribbon due to its large diameter. This reduces the frequency of ribbon changes and increases efficiency. The maximum print size for this model is also 107mm x 500mm. The Printess 6 is designed for A5-sized labels, primarily for pallets, with a maximum size of 160mm x 500mm. The Printess 8, on the other hand, is designed for even larger A4-sized labels (210mm x 300mm) for printing and application.

Labeling from multiple directions

The modular design of the Eidos Printess series allows for easy interchangeability of various applicators developed for different tasks. The Printess thermal transfer printers, equipped with the Rotor automatic applicator, apply labels on two adjacent sides of vertically positioned boxes, while the Rotor Fast applicator applies labels to moving boxes on the production line. Eidos is also capable of providing custom solutions for complex situations, such as the In-Spool applicator designed for placing labels inside tubes.


Easy integration

The Printess series can be seamlessly integrated into existing software used by the company, making it easy to incorporate into production processes. It is an ideal choice for printing variable data such as dates, ingredients, barcodes, 2D codes, and applying labels. Data can be input via the touchscreen, connected computer, USB flash drive, or directly from the printer’s memory. The EASYCODE software allows for easy creation and editing of label information.


Pallet labeling

The Printess 6 (A5 size) and Printess 8 (A4 size) series automatically apply large-sized labels on one or more sides of pallets at the end of the production line. The pallets can be stationary or in motion, and the labeling options include:

  • One side of the pallet
  • Front and side
  • Front, side, and back
  • Labels can be applied on the strapping bands that secure the pallets


Box labeling

The Printess 4 and Printess 5 series automatically label boxes and bundles moving at medium to high speeds on production or packaging lines. Labels can be placed on:

  • Front of moving bundles
  • Sides of moving boxes
  • Front or back of moving bundles
  • Front and back of moving boxes
  • Sides or top of stationary boxes
  • Corners of stationary boxes with large-sized labels


Labeling materials

The Printess 4 and Printess 5 series can accurately apply labels on stationary objects with proper pressure and precision. The use of plastic labels and thermal transfer ribbons enhances the durability of the labels. The Printess 4 is the most compact and cost-effective label printer and applicator, suitable for placing small to medium-sized labels (up to 120mm wide and 500mm long). It is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions. It prints at a resolution of 300 dpi with a maximum print speed of 500mm/s.


Printess 5 – Larger diameter

Efficient printing and labeling are achieved with larger label and ribbon diameters, allowing for the loading of up to 1000 meters of ribbon. It operates at a resolution of 300 dpi with a maximum speed of 500 mm/s.


Printess 6 – For labels up to 180mm wide

Designed for labeling A5-sized pallets with a size of 150mm x 210mm, it operates at a resolution of 300 dpi and a speed of 400 mm/s.


Labeling pallets and barrels

It prints and applies A4-sized labels with a maximum width of 210mm and a length of 500mm. It operates at a resolution of 300 dpi with a lower speed of 200 mm/s.

Eidos always focuses on providing excellent quality products and services

Eidos, located in Italy, plays a leading role in the design and manufacturing of label printers as well as in industrial product labeling and automatic printing.

Thermal transfer is a clean, environmentally friendly, and secure solution for real-time printing of variable data, such as expiration dates, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes, identification codes, and more.

Every Eidos product is the result of its own design and development, both in hardware and software. This has facilitated the development of highly efficient solutions and applications, many of which are protected by international patents.

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