Novexx XTO


The Novexx XTO thermal transfer overprinter is an ideal choice for labeling flexible packaging in any industry.

Novexx XTO


Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO
Novexx XTO

What labeling tasks does the Novexx XTO provide solutions for?

With the Novexx XTO thermal transfer overprinter, you can print fixed or variable data on flexible product packaging. This includes manufacturing or expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes, DataMatrix codes, QR codes, or even company logos. Thanks to its standard size and high compatibility, it can be easily integrated into existing production lines, greatly enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing, packaging, and logistics processes.

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What is the technological principle behind the operation of the XTO?

The Novexx XTO utilizes thermal transfer technology for labeling packaging. The principle behind it is that a ribbon runs between the printhead and the surface to be labeled. The heated printhead presses against the ribbon, transferring the desired text or image onto the packaging material. Unlike direct thermal printers, thermal transfer printing does not require special heat-sensitive paper, allowing for printing on various materials such as plastic, paper, or fabric. When integrated into a production line, the XTO can be used in batch mode for labeling tasks, even on large printing surfaces of up to 53×100 mm.

The advantages of the Novexx XTO

Ergonomic and quick ribbon replacement

The automated ribbon threading is facilitated by a Plug & Play mechanism, allowing for easy and fast ribbon replacement within seconds. This significantly increases uptime and reduces the need for manual labor.


Motorized printhead for optimal performance

The printhead is driven by a servo motor, which allows precise positioning of the printhead for consistently flawless and sharp print results. The printhead can be easily replaced without the need for tools.


Low costs, high energy efficiency

The motor operates without the need for compressed air, resulting in lower operating costs, simplified maintenance, increased performance, and extended uptime.


Flexible control options

The Novexx XTO is designed with user needs in mind. It features an icon-based color touchscreen for easy operation and can be controlled remotely from a PC or mobile device. The device is equipped with various connectivity and IoT functions in line with Industry 4.0 requirements.


Modular design for customization

The standalone printer module is accompanied by a separate power supply and HMI control panel, allowing for modular usage. The printer module can be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging machinery, offering customization options.

Novexx - Outstanding Expertise in the Field of Labeling Technology

Novexx Solutions emerged as an independent brand from the industrial labeling technology division of Avery Dennison, inheriting the parent company’s more than 50 years of experience and outstanding expertise. The company places great emphasis on providing real value to its customers, focusing particularly on quality, sustainability, and continuous product innovation. Novexx offers professional consulting and on-site service options to support its hardware and software solutions.

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