PharmaJet DMP6


Economic printing, controlling and validation system developed for manufacturer, distributor and logistics companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

PharmaJet DMP6

HIGH SPEED RANGE: 5-100 metres/min

PharmaJet DMP6
PharmaJet DMP6
PharmaJet DMP6
PharmaJet DMP6
PharmaJet DMP6

Who is PharmaJet DMP6 recommended for?

The Masterprint PharmaJet DMP6 labeling, verification and validation system provides a high-quality and user-friendly solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies, providing 100% of the highest customerproduction requirements in line with the latest European Union (EU FMD), Russian and other national regulations, GS1 guidelines, and high safety standards.

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Technical details


  • Matrix code type to be written: ECC 200 conform code integrated into standard GS1. (Optionally, other code types are also available)
  • Dimensions (physical): min. 5×5 mm; max. 12×12 mm; (typical: 9×9 mm)
  • Size (data content): min. 10×10 (row x column), max. 40×40 (row x column); (typical: 24×24)
  • Marking content: any text, may contain fixed, product-related, batch-related or dynamic (date, time, serial number) elements
  • Marking method: with inkjet printer in a 12.7mm area (or optionally with two heads in 25.4mm), at 300dpi resolution
  • Marking verification: automatic, complete camera verification including the informative classification of the printed code (A/4.0 – F/0.0) and the contents verification of the printed text.
  • Verification area dimensions: 50mm (horizontal) x 25mm (vertical)
  • Removal of non-complying products: products found to be defective during the verification process are sent to a collecting bin regardless of their defects, the equipment checks the removal of the defective product, and automatically shuts down in case of a serial defect (number of products can be set)


  • Speed tracking set via the display or using impulse transmitter
  • Precision high-speed servo-driven product transfer up to 5-100 m/minute
  • Controlled product size setting
  • Height 5-100 mm, width 70-210 mm, length 30-200 mm
  • Quick product changeover
  • Reject check
  • Lockable reject bin
  • Configuration independent of machine fixed side
  • Marking on fixed or adjustable side
  • Adjustable conveyor belt height for product line integration
  • Belt speed adjustment range: 5-100 m / minute
  • Station marking/verification capacity: max. 250 boxes/minute
  • The equipment requires no continuous supervision, and user intervention is needed in case of settings, product change or error

User interface:

  • 15” color touch screen display
  • Individual user interface according to user demand
  • Operator profiles according to operator level
  • Total system control


  • Integrated printer controller
  • Integrated camera controller
  • Direct database (L3) connection, automatic loading of product and production data – Track and Trace
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) / OCV (Optical Character Verification)
  • Connection to Upstream / Downstream machines –
  • Multilanguage version


  • Multi-level user access
  • Password-protected user interface
  • System backup & restore to secure your data
  • LOG report for traceability


  • Tamper Evident labeling station with integrated camera system to check for the presence of labels
  • Integrated aggregation module
  • Reception and tracking of external speed signal

Operating environment:

The equipment can be installed as required, wherever the ambient temperature is not lower than +10 ° C and not higher than +40 ° C, with no dripping water and non-condensing air humidity.

Benefits of PharmaJet DMP6

Precision high-speed servo-driven positive product transfer (top and bottom drive), product size adjustable in a wide range. Printing and verification on both sides of the product. High speed range: 5-100 m / min.

Online system documentation, international validation.

Optical Character Recognition and Verification. Verification of the readability of humanreadable texts by unique characters.

Product verification
2D GS1 DataMatrix classification. Quality control of the machine code
containing a unique ID using a highresolution and high-speed integrated
camera system. (ISO 15415) product verification with 100% certainty.

Suitable for every pharmaceutical and production technology labeling.

Suitable for every pharmaceutical and production technology labeling.

Full technical support - Masterprint services

We are helping the pharmaceutical sector modernise its marking processes with unique solutions, both in hardware and software. But that’s not all we do. We provide full 24/7 technical support for our proprietary serialisation equipment, from commissioning to after sales support.

To ensure long-term, reliable cooperation, our team of engineers, who are specialised in pharmacological projects, will be at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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