Print & Check TE Aero


The PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident Aero is a complete solution for high-speed marking of pharmaceutical products according to EU FMD regulations.

PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero


PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero
PharmaJet Print and Check TE Aero

What marking tasks is the PharmaJet P&C TE Aero suitable for?

The Masterprint PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident Aero is a high-speed labelling, checking and validation serialisation station developed specifically for pharmaceutical companies. It helps us to provide medicinal products with the necessary identifiers and product data in accordance with EU FMD requirements. Thanks to high-speed TIJ or laser printing, we can add the product code, serial number, expiry date, batch number and DataMatrix code to the group packaging of products without slowing down the production process. The machine also applies bottom and top tamper-evident labels to the boxes to guarantee the integrity of the packaging.

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Benefits of PharmaJet P&C TE Aero

Customizable according to indivisual needs

Thanks to its modular design, PharmaJet P&C TE Aero can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of your business, both in terms of hardware and software. This allows serialisation to be seamlessly integrated into established manufacturing and logistics processes.


Intuitive management options

The modern IT background of the serialisation station allows comprehensive control of the entire process from L1 to L4. The 15-inch touchscreen monitor provides easy control and data management..


Pharmaceutical serialisation according to regulations

With PharmaJet P&C TE Aero, you can be sure that your medicines are serialised in compliance with the EU FMD requirements that came into force in February 2019. In addition, standardised product identification data makes tracking and the entire supply chain more transparent.


Wide range of accessories and additional equipment

We also provide a range of accessories and extra equipment for our serialisation stations on request. This includes aggregation equipment, a modular transport conveyor and special supplies from inks to tamper-evident labels.

Serialisation process with PharmJet P&C TE Aero

Our serialisation station is a complete solution for the labelling and aggregation of pharmaceutical products. The hardware and software system covers the entire process from L1 to L4. Flexible configuration options allow the equipment to be easily integrated into existing production processes, making the transition to the new structure quick and seamless.

PharmaJET P&C TE Aero performs the automated serialisation of pharmaceutical products in the following steps:

1, Dosage
The equipment first performs the segmentation and dosage. With manual dispensing, the machine checks the positioning of the boxes to ensure that each product is in the correct position for marking and labelling. Optionally, a control scale can also be integrated in the system.

2, Pre-marking product control
Before marking, the system inspects the loaded boxes for several requirements: incorrect box orientation, open box loops, incorrect orientation or incorrect weight.

3, Serialisation
It is possible to print product information according to EU standards with thermal inkjet or laser markers. Next, the bottom and top tamper-evident labels are applied to the boxes. Products are transported between each station by a conveyor belt with guide vanes. The serialisation system can be integrated with any L3-L4 software service.

4, Marking and labeling control
Once the labels and inscriptions have been applied to the medicine boxes, a total of three built-in Track and Trace cameras monitor whether the serialisation has been done correctly and check for the presence of the labels. If the system detects an anomaly, it uses an air blower to sort out the defective boxes into a separate bin.

5, Shipment management
The last step is the deaggregation and reaggregation of the returned items, which can be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Full technical support - Masterprint services

We are helping the pharmaceutical sector modernise its marking processes with unique solutions, both in hardware and software. But that’s not all we do. We provide full 24/7 technical support for our proprietary serialisation equipment, from commissioning to after sales support.

To ensure long-term, reliable cooperation, our team of engineers, who are specialised in pharmacological projects, will be at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident provides a complete solution for serialisation of pharmaceutical products in compliance with EU FMD regulations.
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