Print & Check TE


PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident provides a complete solution for serialisation of pharmaceutical products in compliance with EU FMD regulations.

PharmaJet Print and Check TE


PharmaJet Print and Check TE
PharmaJet Print and Check TE
PharmaJet Print and Check TE
PharmaJet Print and Check TE
PharmaJet Print and Check TE

What marking tasks is PharmaJet P&C TE suitable for?

The Masterprint PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident is a labelling, checking and validating serialisation station designed for pharmaceutical companies.

It enables them to provide medicinal products with the necessary identifiers and product information in accordance with EU FMD requirements. Thanks to high-speed thermal inkjet or laser printing, marking products does not slow down the production process. The serialisation station also provides medicine boxes with top and bottom security labels to guarantee the integrity of the packaging.

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Technical details

Track & Trace ellenőrző inspection cameras
Up to 3

Transport system
Flighted conveyor

Standard belt pitch
110 mm

Working height
850-950 mm

Rejection system
Air pressure 200 l/min, 6 barg

Max carton weight
max 600g

15” TFT Touch screen
(19” opcionális)

Network connectivity
Gigabit Ethernet

Power supply
3,6 kW, UPS sustained

Rated voltage
3L/N/PE 400 V AC

Electrical cabinet
PLC, safety controls, power supply modules, communication modules

Frame structure
Stainless steel

Machine net weight
900 kg

Benefits of PharmaJet P&C TE

Benefits of PharmaJet P&C TE:

  • A complete solution that is excellent value for money
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • User-friendly management and operation
  • Thanks to high-speed printing, serialisation does not slow down the production process. Our equipment is a customisable and has a massive modular structure
  • Design, construction and conversion in line with production or individual requirements
  • Checking the position of the tamper-evident label with a camera system


Our machine-related services:

  • Full commissioning
  • Validation
  • After sales support
  • Service and maintenance contract


Optional accessories and equipment:

  • Tamper-evident labels guarantee the integrity of the packaging for maximum security
  • Aggregation equipment to increase efficiency
  • Special supplies: inks and tamper-evident labels
  • Conveyor belt with modular design
  • Modify related machines with discrete I/O or bus systems
  • Design and manufacture of complementary tools to help interoperate with existing systems


Automated serialisation with PharmaJet P&C TE

Ensures a smooth transition to the new structure
PharmaJet P&C TE integrates the strict EU requirements into existing manufacturing processes, so our customers can transition to the new structure without errors, on time, and with the fewest changes possible.

Customisable according to individual needs
We always tailor the station and the structure connected to the EU IT system to your needs. The PharmaJet P&C TE is precise, versatile, flexible and has a state-of-the-art IT background.

Solution from L1 to L4 (software and hardware together)
PharmaJet P&C TE automates the serialisation of medicines. The station meets all the needs for safety features on the packaging of medicinal preparations. The software part of our solution covers the whole process from L1 to L4.

Full technical support - Masterprint services

We are helping the pharmaceutical sector modernise its marking processes with unique solutions, both in hardware and software. But that’s not all we do. We provide full 24/7 technical support for our proprietary serialisation equipment, from commissioning to after sales support.

To ensure long-term, reliable cooperation, our team of engineers, who are specialised in pharmacological projects, will be at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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