Hitachi UX-B


The Hitachi UX-B small character inkjet printer is an excellent choice for marking products and packaging in any industry.

Hitachi UX B


Hitachi UX B
Hitachi UX B
Hitachi UX B
Hitachi UX B
Hitachi UX B
Hitachi UX B

Where can we use the Hitachi UX-B printer?

The high-performance inkjet printers of the Hitachi UX series, from Japan, provide a high level of reliability and cost-effective operation even in the most extreme industrial conditions. The UX-B model offers flexible configuration options, enabling wide usability across various sectors, including food and beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, for marking products and packaging.

In addition to printing expiration dates, batch numbers, and other text-based product information, the UX-B can perfectly handle the printing of barcodes, DataMatrix codes, and logos. Whether it’s plastic, paper, or metal surfaces, the print quality will always be impeccable.

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Technological characteristics

The Hitachi UX-B operates on the proven continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology, allowing for outstanding printing speed and highly cost-effective ink consumption.

The printer features a durable nickel-chrome coated, contact-free printhead that is versatile for various marking applications. The coating protects against corrosion and external impacts, ensuring a long lifespan even in environments exposed to corrosive compounds. The 10.4-inch TFT LCD display and integrated troubleshooting guide enable quick and easy operation, significantly reducing downtime caused by potential issues.

The advantages of the Hitachi UX-B

Clean and easy ink refilling

The UX-B features an intelligent ink cartridge management system that prevents spills of hazardous liquids during refilling. The ink and solvent cartridges have distinct shapes, making them easy to differentiate and insert into the printer. New cartridges can be inserted even during printing, eliminating any downtime.


User-friendly interface

The device’s new icon-based interface ensures easy navigation for data management and issuing printing instructions. The color display shows icons indicating ink levels and the need to replace consumables. With the WYSIWYG design, the final printing image can be precisely planned.


Ergonomically designed printhead

The twin-nozzle printhead provides ample flexibility for adjusting to different needs during integration into production lines, allowing for easy marking of products and packaging of any size or shape. The adjustable character height ranges from 2 to 10 mm, and printing can be done in up to 3 rows with the UX-B. Additionally, it offers high-speed and high-quality single-line printing capabilities.


Network integration options

Hitachi UX-series devices can be connected to a network via Ethernet, enabling the management of multiple printers within a system. This not only avoids the difficulties of wired connections but also ensures more transparency and efficiency in marking processes due to shared management functions.

Hitachi, a reliable player in marking technology

Founded in Japan in 1910, Hitachi has grown into one of the most well-known modern industrial brands. With a diverse and wide range of products in the marking technology market, it can provide reliable and high-quality solutions for even the most specific industry needs. In addition to innovation, sustainability is also a key focus in its corporate policy, making its devices not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Hitachi has a global service network, ensuring expert assistance is always available in case of any malfunctions.

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