Hitachi UX-Twin


Is there as much information to be displayed on products that cannot be accommodated by a single marking system? The Hitachi UX-Twin is the solution for this exact challenge.

Hitachi UX Twin


Hitachi UX Twin
Hitachi UX Twin
Hitachi UX Twin
Hitachi UX Twin

To ensure that marking does not hinder production speed

There are industries where it is necessary to include more information on products or packaging than usual. In addition to production and expiration dates, batch numbers, etc., there is a requirement to print additional variable information, such as letters, numbers, and various codes. However, a typical small character inkjet printer designed for regular tasks is not suitable for this. The Hitachi UX-Twin can handle all of this with its special twin nozzles, delivering the excellent quality that Hitachi small character printers are known for. Each nozzle can be operated independently, and printing settings and different font sizes can be adjusted optionally.

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The features of the Hitachi UX-Twin

The Hitachi UX-Twin is capable of printing multiple lines and larger logos with precision and speed. One of the unique features of the Hitachi UX-Twin is its ability to print in 8 lines using the two nozzles within the printhead. These nozzles operate from a single ink system and can simultaneously print multiple lines on a single product. This capability addresses a real need in various industries, from food production to cable manufacturing, and Hitachi provides an economical solution for this challenge. The twin nozzles deliver a high density of dots, resulting in detailed and long-lasting print images.

The advantages of the Hitachi UX-Twin

Fused characters

One unique capability of this small-character industrial printer is that the two nozzles can print characters that were previously not possible due to their size. The larger and bolder characters, which are easily readable from a distance, are made possible because the nozzles work in parallel. It can be used in various industries, including those with special requirements for printing in wet or dusty environments.


Various printing patterns, 64-pixel detail

Thanks to the twin printhead, the printing image is exceptionally detailed, making it ideal for printing on secondary packaging materials, whether it’s logos or texts. In addition to multi-line high-speed printing, a special feature is the interlaced image adjustment control system, which allows for individual and high-quality printing of characters. The 64-pixel printing image is not limited to letters and numbers; logos, barcodes, various patterns, and even QR or DataMatrix codes can easily be placed on the product. The readability is further enhanced by the unique ink droplet control system.


Dual nozzle, double speed

With the Hitachi UX Twin Nozzle equipped with dual nozzles, you can achieve double the printing speed, as it is capable of tracking products on high-speed production lines and delivering high-quality printing regardless of the number of printed lines. The font size can be adjusted as desired on the user-friendly touchscreen control panel.

Among the additional features, it is worth mentioning that the Twin Nozzle ink cartridge can be replaced without stopping production.


Intuitive user interface

The 10.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen provides a wide and easily perceptible viewing angle and enables intuitive operation. In addition, when modifying printing messages, a preview function allows the operator to select which message needs to be modified on the screen, helping to prevent incorrect printing.

Hitachi, a reliable player in marking and coding technology

Founded in Japan in 1910, Hitachi has grown to become one of the most well-known modern industrial brands. With a diverse and wide product portfolio in the marking and coding technology market, Hitachi provides reliable and high-quality solutions tailored to the specific needs of various industries. In addition to innovation, sustainability is a key focus in the company’s policies, ensuring that its devices are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. With a global service network, Hitachi ensures that expert assistance is always available in case of any malfunction or issues.

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