Hitachi UX-D


Small character, medium character, micro character, and high-speed printing – you can find all these functions among the models of the Hitachi UX-D series.

Hitachi UX D


Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D
Hitachi UX D

If you're looking for an easily integrable small character inkjet coder, the UX-D is the optimal choice

The Hitachi UX-D industrial inkjet printer is widely versatile. It can handle various printing tasks such as expiration dates, logos, barcodes, batch numbers, and data matrix codes with ease, making it a perfect solution for both complex and standard printing requirements. It is highly reliable, efficient, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly.

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Product Features of Hitachi UX-D

For decades, Hitachi has been developing and manufacturing high-performance industrial inkjet printers for marking and coding applications. These printers utilize the proven continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology. The Hitachi UX-D series of continuous inkjet printers are designed to meet the specific requirements of different industries, capable of printing small and micro-sized characters at high speeds.

The printers feature different nozzle sizes to accommodate various applications, with nozzle sizes available in 40µ, 55µ, 65µ, and 100µ. Depending on the model, they can print in 4 or 6 lines, allowing for the placement of markings on products and packaging. The high-speed printing capability of these models enables the application of characters ranging from 2 to 8 mm in height.

Advantages of the Hitachi UX-D product family

Versatile small character inkjet printers

The Hitachi UX-D industrial inkjet printers are high-speed contactless marking solutions capable of routine tasks such as printing expiration dates, barcodes, QR codes, Data Matrix codes, micro QR codes, batch numbers, and data matrix codes. The UX-D series is suitable for both complex and standard printing tasks. Character sizes range from 1 mm to 15 mm, depending on the model.


Unique and simplified user interface

The new icon-based 10.4-inch color touchscreen provides easy and intuitive navigation. Icons continuously indicate ink levels and timely inform operators when consumables need replacement.


Highly reliable, efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly devices

The Fluid Consumption Reduction System significantly reduces operational costs. This intelligent ink system ensures error-free printing while utilizing every drop of ink, eliminating wastage. The system also allows for on-the-fly cartridge replacement without any downtime, even during printing.


Capable of fulfilling all necessary functions and beyond

The UX-D models can handle all known marking tasks in the field of coding and marking. Moreover, they possess unique capabilities that distinguish them from other industrial printers. For example, the Hitachi UX-D High-Speed printer can print up to 3,173 characters per second, while the standard small character printer operates smoothly in environments ranging from 0 to 50 °C. The micron printing model within the series is capable of placing highly legible characters as small as 1 mm on products.


Designed for extreme conditions

The UX-D models boast an exceptionally long lifespan, thanks not only to the versatile and robust printhead but also to their stainless steel construction. The device housing carries an IP65 rating, enabling high-pressure water and industrial cleaning agents for effective cleaning in compliance with environmental and hygiene requirements. The series is an ideal choice for industries such as meat and dairy processing.

Hitachi, a reliable player in the marking and coding industry

Founded in 1910 in Japan, Hitachi has grown to become one of the most well-known modern industrial brands. With a diverse and wide range of products in the marking and coding industry, Hitachi provides reliable and high-quality solutions to meet the most specific industry needs. In their corporate policy, innovation and sustainability play a significant role, making their devices not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. With a global service network, Hitachi ensures expert assistance is always available in case of any malfunctions.

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