The Leibinger JET One inkjet printer is a cost-effective and professional solution for product and packaging marking.

Leibinger Jet One


Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One
Leibinger Jet One

What problems does the Leibinger JET One solve?

The Leibinger JET One, the entry-level small character inkjet printer from the German company Leibinger, offers simple operation and cost-effective performance, making it an optimal choice for marking products and consumer packaging, even for lower production volumes.

The reliable Windows-based software platform and the additional features that facilitate seamless operation (such as the SEALTRONIC technology preventing ink from drying out) provide assurance that you won’t have to compromise on the quality typically expected from Leibinger when it comes to the JET One.

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The product features of the Leibinger JET One

The JET One inkjet printer enables dual-line printing with a matrix size ranging from 5×5 up to a maximum of 16×10. It supports different font types and languages. It provides great flexibility in terms of printing surfaces and programmable data and patterns. With the JET One, you can achieve high-precision printing on various materials, including plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, composite materials, cardboard, textiles, and paper. It allows for printing fixed and variable data, such as:

  • Production or warranty dates
  • Serial or batch numbers
  • Barcodes, DataMatrix, or QR codes
  • Custom graphics and logos

Thanks to its versatile applications, the JET One meets the needs of various industries, including food and chemical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics in the automotive sector.

The printer head, which can move in all directions, allows for marking products and packaging from various angles, including top and side positions. Additionally, the JET One can handle uneven surfaces with ease. The equipment uses a special black ink that dries within a second, preventing any possible smudging of the printed text or graphics.

The advantages of the Leibinger JET One

Quick startup

The JET One is designed for maximum efficiency. With a single button press, it starts up and is ready to print within seconds.


Automatic SEALTRONIC nozzle sealing

This Leibinger technology provides 100% protection against ink drying, even after extended periods of downtime. It eliminates the need for frequent servicing and flushing cycles to remove dried ink.


Continuous ink supply

Leibinger ensures user-friendly ink and solvent replenishment. The filling points are clearly marked and easily accessible on the top of the printer, and you can even refill ink during printing.


Low operating costs

The JET One incorporates practical features that make it highly cost-effective to use:

  • The pump operates only for short intervals instead of continuous operation, significantly reducing energy consumption and solvent usage.
  • The automatic drop regulation system contributes to ink savings by recycling leftover ink back into the reservoir for future use.


Easy integration with various connectivity options

The JET One offers seamless integration with its Windows-based, color TFT interface. It provides digital input/output, as well as a USB port for easy connectivity.

If you would like to take advantage of the unique marking solutions offered by the Leibinger JET One for your product labeling needs, please request a quote from us!

Leibinger - Reliability and Expertise in Marking Technology

With a history spanning over 70 years, the Leibinger company manufactures all of its products in Tuttlingen, southern Germany, using self-produced components and employing the strictest quality control procedures.

The company places a strong emphasis on innovation, which is evident not only in the modern design of their printers but also in unique technological advancements such as their SEALTRONIC system for preventing ink drying. Leibinger has an extensive international service network, ensuring expert assistance is available in case of any potential issues.

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