Are you looking for a user-friendly label printer for everyday marking tasks? The Leibinger JET2neo is precisely what you need.

Leibinger Jet 2 Neo


Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo
Leibinger Jet 2 Neo

Whether it's small or large volume labeling, continuous or seasonal production

The Leibinger JET2neo, a small character inkjet printer, is capable of solving numerous printing tasks swiftly. It is the ideal choice for those seeking a printer for standard marking tasks without compromising on professional quality.

It is recommended for almost every industry, as it can print perfectly on various materials such as paper, glass, film, foil, plastic, metal, wires, rubber, textiles, ceramics, and wood. The simple and fast data input is supported by a USB port and Ethernet input, facilitating easy operation for users.

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The product features of the Leibinger JET2neo

The JET2neo is capable of handling numerous tasks that arise in industrial printing. It is a reliable choice for those who want to place information on products or packaging, such as production time, expiration date, batch number, and serial number.

It can print up to 268 meters of surface per minute, in up to three lines. The JET2neo uses a fine pigmented ink (50 series), and Leibinger offers a wide range of inks to choose from. The printer provides a variety of functions to meet the most common requirements in industrial marking. It is suitable for both fixed and variable data labeling. With a print density of 24 dots, it can label 1,777 characters in a single second.

The JET2neo is recommended for those who value ease of use. It features a 5.7″ touch screen interface, and the power cable length ranges from 3 to 6 meters.

The advantages of the Leibinger JET2neo

Durable and legible labels

The Leibinger JET2neo produces highly precise labels, whether it’s letters, numbers, or barcodes. The printed image is high contrast and perfectly legible, ensuring that mandatory markings are not only readable but also long-lasting.


Ease of operation

The JET2neo is designed to be easily operated without the need for extensive training. It serves as an optimal entry-level device for those who are new to industrial printers.


Fast printing with no production adjustments

One of the key strengths of the Leibinger JET2neo is its speed. It is designed to keep up with the increasing production speeds. This is important because labeling does not impact the production speed.


Minimal changeover time for maximum efficiency

Thanks to Leibinger’s Sealtronic technology, the changeover time is minimized. The automatic nozzle sealing ensures that the ink does not dry out even during extended production downtime, eliminating the need for constant nozzle cleaning. The nozzle size is 70 µm.


Affordable price and low costs

The Leibinger JET2neo offers not only durability but also cost-effectiveness. During development, the focus was on increasing production efficiency. For any continuous inkjet printer, it is important to consider both the equipment price and maintenance costs. Therefore, the JET2neo was designed to have low energy and solvent consumption.

Leibinger - the reliable German quality

Leibinger’s company policy revolves around continuous innovation and the strictest quality control procedures, ensuring that all their products are characterized by long-term reliability. They manufacture all components for their devices in-house at their factory in Tuttlingen. Their service is available worldwide, providing expert assistance in any situation.

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