From the food industry to the electronics sector and even pharmaceutical manufacturing, Leibinger provides an optimal choice for marking products and packaging in various segments.

Leibinger Jet 3 Up


Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up
Leibinger Jet 3 Up

What marking tasks can be performed with the Leibinger JET3up?

The Leibinger JET3up, an industrial printer equipped with numerous additional features, is perfectly suited for complex and specific marking tasks due to its flexible customization options and intuitive control concept. Its outstanding printing speed of up to 403 meters per minute ensures efficient performance even for high production volumes.

With the Leibinger JET3up, you can print expiration dates, batch numbers, and other fixed or variable data. In addition, it is capable of printing barcodes, DataMatrix codes, company logos, and smaller graphical elements.

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The technological features of the Leibinger JET3up

The Leibinger JET3up operates based on the principle of continuous inkjet printing, which provides highly economical ink consumption. Unused ink droplets during printing are redirected back to the ink reservoir for recycling, ensuring efficient ink usage. With instant startup and shutdown technology, the printer is ready for printing within seconds.

The JET3up can label objects with a printing height ranging from 1.5 to 16 mm, with the ability to print up to 5 lines of text in multiple languages and fonts. The printer head is available in flexible options of 3, 6, or 10 meters, allowing printing from the top, side, or even bottom, enabling seamless integration of marking tasks into existing production processes.

The advantages of the Leibinger JET3up

Instant startup without cleaning

The unique automatic SEALTRONIC nozzle sealing system prevents ink from drying out, eliminating the need for a flushing cycle before startup. You can begin printing immediately even after extended periods of downtime.


Low operating costs

Thanks to the SEALTRONIC technology and efficient fluid consumption, the JET3up proves to be a highly cost-effective choice for both small-scale and large-scale applications. The compact design eliminates the need for frequent replacement of moving parts, further reducing maintenance costs.


Wide range of inks

The versatility of the JET3up is enhanced by its compatibility with a wide range of inks, including colored and other specialty inks, catering to various industry-specific requirements.

Leibinger - the reliable German quality

At the heart of Leibinger’s corporate policy is continuous innovation and the strictest quality control procedures, ensuring that every product is characterized by long-term reliability. The company manufactures all components for their devices in-house at their factory in Tuttlingen. Their service is available worldwide, providing expert assistance in any situation.

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