Leibinger IQJET


A coding & marking system designed for continuous availability, operating efficiently, and producing top-quality prints.

Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő


Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő
Leibinger IQJET tintasugaras jelölő

Prints in exceptional quality on metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, or even eggs

The Leibinger IQJET is an intelligent inkjet coder designed for continuous operation. It doesn’t require constant cleaning, which helps avoid lengthy downtime, and its setup is a breeze – Leibinger’s “Plug & Print.” All of this results in a reassuring, balanced performance, thanks in part to its intelligent ink management.

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The product features of Leibinger IQJET

A robust, industrial design and a whole range of useful solutions characterize the Leibinger IQJET. For instance, when not in use, the IQPRINT intelligent ink management system continuously monitors the temperature and viscosity of the ink. When turned off, it automatically seals the ink system airtight, preventing it from drying out or clogging. It requires minimal cleaning, and startup times are short, minimizing downtime – all for maximum readiness.

The advantages of the Leibinger IQJET

Intuitive operation, easy integration

One of the most important goals in the development of Leibinger IQJET was to make the equipment easy and quick to operate. SMART.OS plays a role in achieving this because its colorful, 10.1″ touchscreen interface is easily visible from a distance, and all operations can be completed with just a few touches. The animated user guide provides step-by-step instructions for tasks like replacing consumables, making it simple for anyone to do without prior knowledge. Similarly, integrating the equipment into production lines is just as straightforward through various interfaces, saving both integration and costly training expenses.


Up to 50% lower solvent requirement

The unique Eco-Mode’s task is to automatically stop ink circulation, preventing the ink from drying out when the printer is not in use. Eco-Mode condenses the evaporated solvent and reintroduces it into the system, resulting in up to a 50% reduction in solvent usage. However, not only is the printer cost-effective with consumables, but its average power consumption of just 36 watts is also exceptionally low for equipment of this performance level.


Large-sized cartridge, less frequent replacement

With the XXL-sized ink cartridge, Leibinger’s developers aim to enable the marking of a larger quantity of goods with a single cartridge, reducing the number of interruptions – thus increasing the efficiency of the marking process. Replacements are also simple and quick, and the equipment uses every last drop of ink from the cartridges – in the spirit of cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness.


5 years of trouble-free operation without scheduled maintenance

5 years without maintenance (The timeframe may vary depending on operating hours, ink type, and environmental conditions.) – Leibinger commits to this because the IQJET operates predictably and reliably thanks to its long-lasting, durable components. Every accessory of the equipment is manufactured in Leibinger’s own factories in Germany, with strict quality control, and the newly developed print head is designed with exceptional precision. When the 5-year period Leibinger commits to elapses, users can perform maintenance themselves without special tools or prior training, thanks to the instructional video that guides them through the process step by step.


High-contrast printing

For marking dark surfaces, highly pigmented inks are required, which can be a significant challenge for traditional CIJ printers. However, the Leibinger IQJET, by regularly agitating the ink, prevents pigment from settling at the bottom of the ink reservoir. This is complemented by the ink recirculation system, which helps avoid ink drying and clogging of the print head. Leibinger offers highly pigmented inks for the IQJET in various colors.

Leibinger – the reliable German quality

At the heart of Leibinger’s corporate policy is continuous innovation and the strictest quality control procedures, ensuring that every product is characterized by long-term reliability. The company manufactures all components for their devices in-house at their factory in Tuttlingen. Their service is available worldwide, providing expert assistance in any situation.

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