Novexx XLS 2xx


Precise label application for moving or stationary products, trays and boxes – in any position.

Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó


Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó
Novexx XLS 2xx címkefelrakó

Labeling on the top, side, bottom, or corner of products, on smooth or uneven surfaces, 24 hours a day

Quick and reliable application of decorative, informative, or branding self-adhesive labels – on the top, side, bottom, and even around the corners of the product or box. It works reliably with narrow or wide labels, ensuring smooth production. Whether in challenging environments such as food, electronics, cosmetics, or chemical products, it operates reliably, as it can be used in both wet and dry manufacturing conditions. The Easy Push Rewinder ensures that labels are quickly and easily dispensed from the roll, precisely where they need to be.

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The product features of Novexx XLS 2xx

The Novexx XLS 2xx series is capable of high-speed labeling of products or packaging with different sizes, materials, and surfaces, regardless of whether the labeled item is stationary or in motion. This versatility makes it suitable for virtually every industry. Thanks to its IP65 protection rating, it can be used in manufacturing conditions where dust or moisture would pose challenges for other label applicators. This robust yet highly precise device operates reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For even more flexibility in labeling, the label dispenser can be rotated by 90 degrees.

The advantages of the Novexx XLS 2xx

Flexibility and speed

The Novexx XLS 2xx offers the advantages of flexibility and speed. It can be easily integrated into almost any production line, combined with various applicators. The high-performance Novexx XLS 2xx operates reliably, minimizing downtime. Depending on the model, it can apply labels ranging from 5 to 233 mm in width at a maximum speed of 70 m/min.


Extremely robust equipment

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Novexx XLS 2xx is built with premium materials specifically designed for continuous 24/7 production. It can be used in wet or dusty environments.


Intelligent features

The device automatically adapts to the conveyor belt speed, and thanks to the 90-degree rotatable dispenser, it can apply labels in virtually any position. The modular design allows for easy integration into new or existing production lines.


User-friendly interfaces

The large, multicolored, backlit display constantly informs the operator about the current status of the equipment and label application. The intuitive, symbol-driven menu facilitates easy navigation.


Premium quality consumables

Novexx has been manufacturing labels for its equipment in Eching, Germany for over 50 years. They provide excellent quality, whether it’s blank labels for variable data, labels with security features, or colorful labels featuring brand logos.

Novexx represents German reliability in the field of labeling technology

Novexx Solutions develops and manufactures high-quality labeling technology products exclusively in Germany. They place particular emphasis on continuous product innovation and customer-centric solutions. Sustainability is an integral part of their corporate philosophy. Novexx has a global presence with 11 locations worldwide and a network of over 100 authorized partners, ensuring expert assistance is available in case of any potential issues.

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